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So You Want to Get Fast and Cut?

Often when im going to the gym i get the “that skinny kid isnt muscular, he just doesnt have any fat on him” while a part of that is true, different levels of running have more or less leaned me out. Here are some workouts that by and large are great for burning fat, increasing anaerobic threshold, cardiac output and make it hurt.

  1. 100/50s- find a track or open area (with 100 meters of open ground)sprint 100 meters all out, walk back 50m, and repeat for 8 times (around the track once(its really 7, but 8 is a great round number). repeat if you can.
  2. Lydiard sprints- renowned track coach from olden days, used to have his long distance runners sprint for 20 seconds and rest for 10 sec. repeating this over 600-800 meters.
  3. Hills- You pick the incline, distance, but for good measure walk down as a recovery and try to get at least 15 min total.
  4. Circuts- At a track, sprint 100 m, then do any excersize for 20 reps, then sprint another 100, then another set of different excersizes. do that for 2 laps, then sprint the last 1.
  5. Olympiic gold- (on a track) sprint 100 m, walk 100, sprint 200, jog a lap, sprint 150, walk 50, sprint 150, jog a lap, sprint 200, jog 100 sprint 100.

I will post some more again later, but these are gonna do better than going out and doing your slow cardio for hours on end. enjoy

hmm sounds good… but i would get bored though… looking at that same track never getting anywhere but round and round !

I think its better to get a stop with go run in the forrest and do the 20 sprint 10 rest

  • just put your clock for 20 seconds before the beep and then count the 10 seconds in your head thats the easiest way

Other than that i have a route in the forrest where there is drills for each 200-400 metres so i sprint beetween drills and then theres stuff to climb over or hurdles to jump or some balance shit…

10000 times funnier than just hanging arround a track.

though i see some reasoning for the hill sprints. it could be killer if you were a group of 3-4 people competing and if you also had a ghetto blaster with some cool tunes !

Thanks , im going to sue this to keep my conditioning up during my football off-season.

Fartlek runs, paced by my ipod on shuffle, on hilly terrain. The only way I can run without losing my mind.