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So You Understand


Some of you guys take this website like a cult dont you. Oh dont you feel so big, the underground people, oh look at you, the workout mafia. Ive seen enough threads and posts on this forum in the past few years. Ive made a few posts myself. I cant post in T-Cell anymore, not like i did to start off with, but hey for all of you that wanted me off, congrats. I still read the forum every once in a while. Ive met some great people on the forum too, people who offer REAL advice not just about working out but about life in general. And then ive met the people that take this website like a cult, the ones that feel so great that theyre part of this "exclusive" club.

Ive made a few threads, mostly suppossed to be light humorous threads. The only truly serious posts i had were prolly on the you've got male titties, the hormonal threads, or my own beef with dealer thread. All of which were problems i didnt know who else to turn to, because i wasnt down to talk with 90% of the people i know about either issue so i turned to the anonymousity of T-Nation. Each time, i was given stupid responses. I took them as a joke, i make them too. But then the cult people came out. "Oh youre a disgrace to this forum, disgrace to working out" and random shit like that. Its not a cult, its a suppliment site with forums where people can have discussions related to the buisness of these suppliments, in this case being working out, or even random discussions.

What are you suppossed to expect from me? Ive had so many people bust my balls for smoking weed and getting in shit with a dealer, who was probably someone that just wanted to mug me, and for not "improving" as much as some of the posters here. Also the haircut thread was suppossed to be a light humorous thread. Theres some pretty huge crackheads on these forums from what i see, wanna bust someones balls? Go bust theirs. Theyres people in REHAB, theres some 300lb or more fat people on these forums that havent improved in years, have fun being all "superior" to them too.

Some of you didnt even know what the fuck a dumbell was until you were in your late 20s. So as far as thats the matter, me being "stupid for my age," youre half retarded caus at my age ive still gotten further then you did because at my age you didnt even know what working out meant. Its not easy going down from over 210lb of pure lard as a 13/14 yr old boy, while still managing to add some form of muscle. I dont get full control over my life as a teenager, yet im still younger and done more than most of you did at my age, so give me my credit where its due.

Act like you would to someone my age as if you knew me, dont act superior becuase you'll just end up making yourself look insecure. Btw i got a new haircut, i think it looks nice, care to know what it is? Messy short on top with a 1 on the sides and around the tail. :stuck_out_tongue:




I think there is one thing you should know that I believe to be true for this site.

If they all PMd the Mods, TC and Tim Patterson in persons, you would never ever be banned.

If you make fun of somebody else's Mommie or other sick shit like that, they will delete your posts though.


The only real rule I know is Momma jokes are not ok.

And that it is a bad ideas to insinuate that Anaconda had penile enhancing properties.

Avoid these two pitfalls and you´ll be fine.


thank you for taking all that time to write a long-winded post about how you don't care.


Anyone who knows me in real life would know that I would say this to you:

"Stop being a little arruso."

Congrats on the haircut.


It's great if you train and achieve. It's not so great when you're being an arse with regards to drugs and violence. From what I've read, the balance was a little more on the latter. Whining about the reactions within the forums won't help. I hope you find your way more towards the first. Respect is earned - many have started out badly and have gained it. Good luck.



I feels ya.


Smoking pot is good for you!
Drinking booze is bad for you!
Working out it the ultimate good thing to do!


So you're leaving the forums...?



PS: People that joined in 2004 are brilliant.


you mad?


give me credit where credit is due. Ahhh do you want a cookie maybe a gold star? I'm the same age as you and a lot stronger. Lol I don't know what they saw in you when they let you in the T-cell but your out now so it doesn't really matter. Stop complaining start training.


Nah, the people that joined in '06 are brilliant, the '04ers are ancient (you geriatric old farts).



no i just needed to draw you out becuase you wouldnt answer my pm's, so i could tell you i love you <3 marry me lets go to vegaaassssss


Yeah no momma jokes, i dont like momma jokes


Yeah i love cookies, how about a star shaped cookie?


Eh....you should'nt be so worried about what others say on the interwebz if you think like this...you should be more worried about one day losing your virginity, doing good in school and getting some shit done in the gym.


^Says pee wee.


You have been smoking wayyyyyyyyy too much pot. And what's worse is you will probably take this as a compliment.


Naa bro :frowning: over 2 weeks since the last time, longest since i started