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So You Think You Can Squat?


I don't know if this has been posted before, but if so, it's worth another watch. This short video series has some outstanding squat tips. I could have posted this in the powerlifting section, but considering how many of us squat I thought it would be better here. Enjoy!






Cool videos.

Thanks for sharing.


Damn good video series, Pimp!

Thanks for posting!


No problem. I've gone through most of the squat technique videos on Youtube and found this to be the best one, by far. Just by utilizing some of his "easy fix" tips, I've added about 25 pounds to my max, and I seem to be activating more musculature, whereas before I was quad-dominant on my squats.


Correction: I've now added 45 lbs, simply by fine-tuning my technique as per the tips in this video.

By amazing coincidence, my gym just purchased a glute-ham raise station the other day - can't wait to get started on it!


Domo Pimp-san.


They got bench, they got squat, why not one for deadlift?


If you buy the deadlift/squat DVD its pretty helpful for deadlift.


LOL @ this being posted in the bodybuilding forum.


Eh, I mean I think that there are benefits to learning the basics of a squat that carries over to bodybuilding, even if the powerlifting aspect isn't as appropriate. Assuming that's why you were loling at it.

At the very least not nearly as puzzling as seeing vids of folks who train for bodybuilding that bench press with a massive back arch.


What are people's thoughts on seated GMs with spinal flexion to strengthen the erectors in terms of long term spinal health? In theory it seems like a great way to strengthen the erectors (I believe Pendlay similarly has his athletes do a back extension variation with spinal flexion), but at the same time part of me is screaming that it's a great way to risk a slipped disk (which I have had before).
And yea, perhaps this would be better in the PL forum. It's not hilarious though.


Tom Platz wouldn't laugh at this.


I think it's one of those things that are really individual. Squatting low bar does noothing for my legs, but high bar gives me a crazy quad and ham pump. However, I have to bench with a some would consider a PL'ish arch to feel it in my chest for some reason.

I'm not trying to argue with you or anything, just saying I think form is extremely individual.