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So You Think You Can Squat Series


First 2 videos came out today, for those interested (I know I am).


Matt Wenning is one fat fuck. Ugly too. Good thing he is standing behind me so he can see this reply. I will say though, that man side spotting? Glorious human being. Amazing beard.





Good vid, perfect timing too. I'm just about to go squat now.


I can just feel the love...


IO think Ive known and been friends with Matt for 15-16 years or so. This is pretty standard for us. hahaha



Very interesting tips (especially the part about not using a mirror). I don't think I've ever squatted w/out a mirror and I tend to lose my balance when looking up. I will have to work on these.


Awesome! I've been waiting for these. Huge thanks to the EFS crew for producing these!


Great, this will come in handy for teaching beginners here...


(and everyone else of cours)


EFS is God's gift to powerlifting. 'Nuff Said.



Good stuff!!


Hey Pegg, since you're an insider, you know when the rest of the series is supposed to come out?


^^^ X2


I dont. Could probably find oiut though. If i had to guess? Thursday/Friday or next week.



Great, thanks Pegg, I'll be on the lookout.



need to find 4 and up :slightly_smiling:


They're not released yet. Part 3 was only posted on Elite Fitness 2 days ago


I found them very helpful especially on the set up positioning. I am eager to see the rest because I want to know what will be recommended to address the weaknesses (especially since my knees want to move inward when things get challenging.) Kudos to Matt. Could we see some for Bench and Deadlift also eventually?