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So You Think You Can Deadlift

Eddie says 500kg is gonna happen:

Shaw has already called everyone spruiking the 500kgs out and even challenged them to pull raw.

Doubt we’ll see any of it but should be a world record.

Speed Pulls and Rest Days baby!

Ed’s got a big mouth, but then again he puts in the work … I’d love to see it happen, but i think it’s more likely going to be 470-480kg. Untill recently the number of 1000lbs deadlifts went from 2 to 5 i think …

Personally I am a traditionalist in many sports so,

I would like to see the world record set WITHOUT Lifting Straps, like this :


Not to take anything away from Brian or Eddie, but how about using the least to lift the most ?

At the moment, Jerry Pritchett is looking like a fine candidate to be listed as one of the stronger raw pullers coming into this competition.

Obviously he had 20lbs or a little more in the tank with a big hitch. The guy genuinely doesn’t even look to be taking a pull that heavy very seriously, which is bad ass as fuck.

Barefoot - Belt - and no supportive gear !

Straps ARE traditional in strongman though. As is supportive gear. It’s never been a sport where people get pissy about who is wearing what. That’s just powerlifting, haha.


I’m relatively new to the sport of Strongman but isn’t it basically just do whatever it takes to get the weight up? Taking a page out of @T3hPwnisher’s playbook… Strongman/Weightlifting/Powerlifting. It’s all mixed up.

Strongman should be called weightlifting, do whatever it takes to move the weight. Hitch/ramp/straps/suits/etc.

Weightlifting should be called Powerlifting, after all. There’s very little, if any, movements that come close to the power output of the snatch/clean and jerk.

Powerlifting should be called Strongman. Why? At least the way I see it, it’s all about how much you can lift and the rules such as depth for the squat/pause for the bench/no hitching for the deadlifts are there to ensure that you’re able to do it without any gimmicks. That being said, the current state of powerlifting with all the high arch wide grip and wide stance sumo deadlifts with short ROMs do somewhat change that but y’all get the idea.

Damn, I sure went off on a tangent…

I saw Brian Shaw’s video and totally disagree.
I hate the discussion about “equipment equaling cheating” and not respecting someone’s accomplishments because “they only reached that kind of weight because of the equipment they used”. I see too many comments under YouTube videos from people that clearly never have accomplished something remotely noteworthy in strength sports (even having competed would be enough for me) questioning awesome feats of strength because the lifter used a belt/ straps/ wraps/ sleeves/ wraps/ a suit. You even see people talking shit to Eddie Hall about his deadlift form and equipment use (on facebook), when he is literally the man who deadlifted the most amount of weight ever recorded in history. But I am drifting away from the topic…

It is like going to a powerlifting meet and not using a belt. Why would you not take advantage of the belt if the rules clearly state that you can use it and everybody else is using it? You are putting yourself voluntary at disadvantage. That is fine if you want to do this but saying you don’t respect other athletes for using the rules to their advantage is just not right. Furthermore you are not doing everything in your power to perform at your best. Additionally you are preparing a nice excuse for yourself in case you lose à la “yeah the other guy won but he was using a suit and I was pulling raw, you can’t compare that”.

Enough rant. Onto the question if Eddie is going to pull 500 kg. In my opinion: Absolutely not. Everything he showed from his training indicates that 500 not only isn’t in the cards but is far from realistic. I think he just wants to/ is obligated to push ticket sales and raise excitement for the competition. I am more than happy to be proven wrong by him but I just can’t imagine that he is going to be able to do it.


Legitimately, my thought process is simply that Shaw can’t get anything out of a deadlift suit whereas Benni and Eddie can. They’re not like squat suits or bench shirts; most guys are lucky to get 50lbs out of one pulling conventionally, and a lot of guys can’t get anything out of them (and that’s not shocking for a 6’8 dude that has to reach down 4 miles to grab the bar).

THIS is why Shaw won’t pull with a suit, but it gives him an opportunity to claim some sort of high ground.

But even MORE realistically, all of this is just for show to stir up some controversy and boost ticket sales. It’s good for the sport’s popularity, but silly at the same time.

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Why can’t we all just get along? :smile:

The history of all these sports is quite interesting and the names are tied up in that. It’s rare that things are named for least confusion or best fit and changing anything let alone names comes with its own angst.

Yeah, politics can be a bitch. Remember the fabricated Oberst vs. Hall beef? SO much popcorn was eaten in result of that…goood times.

What’s also worth noting is that Eddie can seemingly pull just as much with NO belt or suit as he can with the gear. I don’t get that. Perhaps his peaking yields incredible results?

So the organisers have gone with a rising bar format for this contest but strangely the weight jumps go from 400kg up to 465kg and then straight to 500kg.

Shaw has pulled out thinking no one is going to pull 500 and it will be a tie between a bunch of people (which probably means SFA purse).

My thinking is either Benni or Ed are extremely confident about hitting the 500 big ones and told the promoters it’s definitely happening.

He really did it… Would not have thought that this is happening.
Also extremely happy for big Loz winning Europe’s.