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So You Like to Remove Your Body Hair?


I can't even begin to understand why in the blue hell would men remove the hair from their eyebrows, their armpits, legs, crotch, their ass.. Oh my god, their ass?! I keep on failing in my attempts to accept this. Don't get me wrong, I am open minded person, but this.. is too much.. Hell, I'm only 17 and everyone on my age has double my testosterone due my hormonal disbalances, but yet their appearance is even twice gayer than Paul Stanley's.


What in the blue hell are you talking about?


In the name that is Blue and Hellish-- Paul Stanley has had more women than you will ever even meet in your life.


It's those damn homosexuals and their personal grooming habits ruining America.


No one likes to lick hairy balls or assholes. Reasonably groomed eyebrows are a subtle way of making an average looking man more attractive.


Who cares?


When you eat enough that you are shitting 4-5 times per day, a clean bunghole will take less wiping than a hairy one. Unless you like having a raw asshole, getting rid of the hair is pretty essetial. Also just think about a turd sliding past a forest of hair, unless you get in the shower and hose your ass out after every shit, no TP is going to get all the shit from your crack. To not at the very least shave the crack is just bad hygene. Might as well trim the balls and shaft while you got the stupid razor out no?





Who does care?



nothing makes a person more ridiculous looking than caterpillar eyebrows.

also i'll tell you about an incident back when i was in highschool.
there was this guy sitting on the floor and his butt crack was out. my friends and i said, "ew look at all his back hair"... as if that wasn't bad enough, i heard my friend say, "thats not back hair... thats follow through!!".. so you see my friends, we were looking at butt hair.

if you dont want to groom thats your choice. but dont expect any girl you're with to groom either. fair is fair.


So your pee pee looks bigger perhaps?

If I don't trim(not pluck) my eyebrows from time to time they start to look like furry caterpillars. I don't want to look like some old fuckin' barrister from England lol. My wife appreciates the effort.


You use a razor!? How do not cut the balloon knot?

We still on for that date, LadiesLove? I got rid of the unibrow!



First off you can't just go chopping in there, I'm just careful I guess, bottom to top seem to be the best approach, one leg up on the side of the tub, non razor hand pulls the cheeks apart, other hand uses caution and gently removes hair.




She said "... girl ..."


its on, son!


you called him "son" ... that just makes the date creepily Oedipal



I enjoy your posts but sometimes I wish you were at a loss for words lolz. I would not survive a mushroom high with you, I would literaly die laughing.

On a side note I was watching surviver lastnight all the girls are sporting pit hair, not a crime but the one girl has a 'stash going and I gotta believe she will be horrified when she see's this on TV herself.


its on, son!

MFM? We can all strip down and shave!