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So... Women Are Born Like This




Oh god, make it stop.


Yes, we are.

And Yo Daddy says that's exactly what men hear when grown women are talking.


I agree with all above posts.


Jeez-- I've heard THAT lecture MILLIONS of times.... And every time it sounds JUST.LIKE.THAT.


You could add that soundtrack to your avatar.... and it would be perfect!



Is there an off button or something? Jesus I think it's string god stuck...


haha poor guy.


Well, I love to listen to what women want to say. It's sort of fun listening what they're saying and I've learned some good things in life by doing that. Such a cute baby BTW. Ahh... I'm getting old...


My girlfriend just gave me the same damn speech today after I farted under the covers and pulled them over her head.


Ahh, yes. The classic Dutch Oven.



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Awwwweee. How cute. Adorable


Born that way? maybe...

More like faulty parenting. Children should be seen and not heard. Best advice my dad ever drilled into my sisters.

Sure they have no self esteem now but women don't really need one anyway.


Don´t get me wrong, I know a lot of intelligent women and when they talk I listen.

There is however an ability that seems to be genetic in man.

When women want to tell you how their day was because otherwise it did not really happen you immediately activate the autopilot and go somewhere else in you mind.


she's possessed....kill it with fire


dude deserves it for riding in the back seat.


Like this?


exactly like that


wat a lil pest