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So Who's Strong on Here?


I know this is the bodybuilding section, but you guys should have at least a small goal of getting stronger; and you have the highest viewership/audience.

So I'm just going to make up some arbitrary standards that I think qualifies you as a strong person, but your sole concern is not strength - to the detriment of your health i.e. powerlifters.

Bench: 225 x 10
Squat: 315 x 10
Deadlift: 315 x 10
Clean: 225

If you can do all that, and run a 7 minute mile. You are a pretty strong guy in my book. If you can't because of past injuries, well...in 4000 BC you either rehabbed or we put you down. So who can do this?

Intermediate standards:
Bench: 185 x 10
Squat: 225 x 10
Deadlift: 225 x 10
Clean: 135
8 minute mile

Are you top level or intermediate? If your not at either level, you need to earn your keep on this site.

"You don't have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things - to compete. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals."
- Sir Edmund Hillary


I'm top level.


Who's. :wink:


According to that layout...im a like demigod...

And how is 10rep sets the strength tester? Shouldnt strength be more so determined by some low rep maxes?

I dunno, but either way, id prepare for a rape-down...


I would agree that a regular lifter should be able to perform those, but other than that this thread is dumb


Rofl. what an appropriate use of Ruhl


Damn 315x10 deadlift. You really ARE top level Brobi Wan Kenobi !


Well, in the spirit of Sir Ed (since I am a kiwi and all so kindof know the NZ mentality),

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT!!!!! (maybe he wouldn't have used those words, but a similar sentiment)


had to clean water off my monitor cuz of that Bonez, gdi...


I can do kickbacks with the 20s


Is that raw, broceratops?


I can do leg presses for 315 and they account for both squats and deadlifts !!


equipped with icy hot and sleeves on my triceptacles.


Wanted to see how many people are actually strong around here. You can pick whatever standard, there are so many variations. But if you can squat 405 you should be able to do around 10 reps of 315, and vice versa. I think what I listed was a good baseline. Maybe proportionally 405 for 10 would have been better for deadlift, but ehhh.


So, who can run a 7 minute mile strong-guys? Otherwise you may not meet all the strength criteria above.


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I can run a 7 min mile with two gals / V-dieters on my back.

You are not worthy.

you suck Pechnakistan balls.


I run a 6 min mile. Im not a strong guy, but I do fullfill the criteria above.


What has running for miles got to do with strength?
Get a damn cab!


I don't deadlift