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So Who Was Responsible for 9/11?


Was it 12 men armed with box cutters receiving orders from a man in a cave whom then infiltrated the most secure airspace in the world?


Jesus titty-fucking Christ. Why don't you begin with getting the number of hijackers correct?


Just tossing the idea out there, but based on this we might end up on the same side of the table on this one, lol.


Dick Effing Cheney~

he's the evil mastermind, oh yeah~ I just said that


That's a safe bet. I detest Truthers with every fiber of my being.


Thank you. I think we can safely end this thread after your first response lol



This thread was initially in GAL - I will respectively withdraw to where I belong.



let me just get my popcorn out


It appears one of the "special" kids from GLA went full "challenged" so the mods sent him over here for a beat down.

For decades it was well known that American domestic airline security was a farce just waiting for something like that to happen. No need for a conspiracy theory. People were complacent, incompetent or both and got caught slipping end of story.


You tell us. Who was it?


A shirtless Putin on horseback was responsible. Wake up, people! Do your research!


I'm afraid that's not possible. We can't let you leave now. You know too much.


It is immeasurably better to fail to use "whom" when you're supposed to than it is to use "whom" when you're not supposed to. The only thing worse than an idiot is an idiot pretending to be something else.

Not that there was anything in the substance worth saving from the style's gangrene.


I love the idea that the towers were brought down through controlled demolition.

Yeah, Bush and whoever had the insanely evil idea of destroying the two towers but they were nice enough to make sure they only destroyed those and mimimized the damage to surrounding buildings because,y'know, that would be mean.


Oh, and be sure to have planes fly into the towers even though they're rigged for demolition, because there's no way in Hell the American public will rally behind the flag without planes (even holographic ones for fuck's sake) flying into the buildings.


Maybe the whole thing never even happened. There's a French "intellectual" who claims that the Gulf War never happened - that the whole thing was just cover for some kind of atrocity that the US government carried out for some unknown reason. The green night vision footage of SCUDS was really computer graphics:

What's interesting about some of these claims is they transcend your everyday, garden variety batshit conspiracy theory and enter the realm of full blown metaphysical solipsism.