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So who should go if Tennessee loses?

First off I don’t think Tennessee will lose. BUT if they do Nebraska should probably go even though Colorado is playing the best football right now. I do have to note that I am currently living in Nebraska, I am not a big fan though. Texans may say they have devotions to their teams, but my god, according to everyone here, Nebraska can do no wrong and Colorado just got lucky. I’m hoping they go and get the shit kicked out of them by Miami.

“IF” Tennessee loses to LSU, then Nebraska is next in line. BUT, the coaches don’t want to see that because Colorado beat them and Texas. And it would be quite a mess to see Nebraska still go to the championship game even though they lost to Colorado (that would be tough for the BCS people to explain how that worked!). So, I’m sure they are all keeping their fingers crossed that Tennessee pulls through. Tennessee and Miami will be a good game. I’ll place my bets on Miami only because I’d rather see the championship stay in Florida. And we will have a chance to play Miami next season as our regular season game (game two!). GO GATORS!

Tennessee better win! If Nebraska gets in there, it’s all a scam. Miami is gonna beat the hell out of whoever they play anyway, but Enough Nebraska already. Let them go play another shit team like they do all year. Colorado is the better choice.

Ok, I have to respond to this one. I go to K-State and NOBODY in this world hates Nebraska MORE THAN ME!!! If Nebraska wins and that fucker Crouch gets the heisman, I will fucking go crazy. If anyone deserves to be in the championship its COLORADO!!! They are the best team in the nation right now and EVERYBODY knows it. Sorry Nate, you know I love the Florida teams but I think Colorado will stomp all over Miami. Nobody can run the ball like them. Oh by the way, isn’t Brown from Northwestern? Didn’t one of our favorite coaches coach there? DAVIES? Just a thought. So yes I’m praying for Tenn to win. I never thought I’d say that but anything is better then having those motherfuckers at Nebraska win. If you ever run into a Nebraska fan, I’m sorry. They are some of the biggest pieces of shit I’ve ever met. I even have friends that are Neb fans and I hate being ten feet from them when Neb plays. They think that GOD created this shithole town and college and that they are robbed if they win. They actually have hotlines if they lose, so those SORRY BASTARDS can call and whine all night, PATHETIC. Yes I am very loyal to my cats but damn, at least I give credit to where credit is due when we lose. Hell this is the worst year we’ve had since I’ve been to school here and I’m not ready to commit suicide because of it. Sorry that was long but FUCK THOSE FUCKING PIECE OF SHITS HUSKERS. OK, I’m feel better now.

I agree that Nebraska fans are hardcore. They will not give any other team credit. If you listen to the call in shows it is hilarious. They remind me of the SuperFans on SNL. “How much will the Huskers win by the week” “Probably by at least 21 points.” That was said about the Oklahoma game. Crouch is a God, and most of the guys would give him a blow job if he asked for one.

Hey sisco, do you hate me? I’m a Nebraska fan! Of course, my Gators come first. But the Huskers are actually one of my other fav teams! And you know my girl Jill is all up in the Husker mix as a dancer on the team!! :wink:

But I have to give credit to Colorado, they have done an awesome job and have played some tough teams. It’s too bad they can’t play Miami! That would be quite a game!

Longhorns 4eva!


Ok Dawg, we can no longer be friends. You are now the enemy and there is no hope for you. Na, I’m just kidding. I did go a little overboard yesterday. I do that sometimes. Like I said, I do have friends that are Husker fans, I just don’t like to talk football or be around them. I’ll make you a deal Nate. Just don’t say how much Neb is the work of the divine spirit and we can continue to be friends, deal. You’re still cool in my books. After all you are a Gators fan.

Sounds good bro! I’m not going to talk about any divine spirit unless the Gators do something to win the national championship next year! :wink:

Tenn is the one team that can match up to Miami. The Buffs are playing great, but their D way to suspect, and they will have trouble running for 8000 yards against Tenn or Miami. I really want Tenn to win, a Tenn Miami game will be close and exciting, both teams can put up quick points and make big plays on D. There are about 15 future NFL players on these teams and alot of round 1 picks.

Well I guess it won’t be Tennessee. We will find out who goes tomorrow.

Well how about that??? LSU kicked Tennessee’s ass! That’s awesome! I know the BCS is gonna be screwed up now. But hey, there is nothing wrong with Nebraska playing Miami in the championship game! Go Huskers! And with Crouch being the Heisman winner (with Rex Grossman a close second), it’s a perfect way to end the year for them!

Hey Jill, I know you must be happy that LSU won and that Nebraska should be stepping up to play Miami! So why don't you come here for New Year's so we can celebrate? :)

Damn you Tenn. All you had to do was beat LSU. Now I really hate Tenn. First they take my Gators out of the championship and then they lose to LSU and give Neb a chance at the title. This is exactly why playoffs should happen. FUCK NEB!! They don’t deserve shit. They didn’t play anybody. Who did they beat. Hell if Oklahoma didn’t have two injured quarterbacks then Oklahoma would’ve beat them and we don’t have to remind everybody how they got EMBARASSED by Colorado. They don’t deserve shit!! I will admit that Crouch did deserve the heisman though. Boy that one hurt to say. But if it wasn’t for him, Nebraska wouldn’t be where they are if it wasn’t for him. He single handly carried those sorry sumbitches on his back the whole year.

I tell you what…FORGET “Advanced Protein”, “Mag-10” and “Surge”; maybe we should all start eating Jambalaya, Crayfish Stew, Bedes, Mud Pie, Black Bean Soup and Fried Catfish, baby! LSU was READY! What I like is that whatever decision the BCS makes, some big school will be ROYALLY pissed. Then maybe people will begin looking closely at a real playoff (“November Madness” maybe?)

If this happens…then we owe the Tigers a debt of gratitude…(…"gittchy, gittchy, 'ya, 'ya, 'YA, 'ya…free 'o Lady Marmalade!!!)

Holy shit I am shocked. It looks like the better team won. It is fucked that LSU was weak early (against ole miss) and turn it up late in the year, yet get fuck all. And a Team like Nebraska walk on shitty teams, lose bad to a good one, and be in the running! I say it should be the winner of a Colorado LSU game vs Miami in the Rose Bowl. If it comes to the BCS, I say Colorodo. This no Playoff political shit is garbage, if the SEC sucked like the other conferances and had no championship game Tenn would be in it. This is such bullshit.

You can forget about a playoff ever happening. Playoffs would only allow the top 10 teams in the country to make it to the finals. And almost every year, the same teams are in the top 10. That means that all the teams that are 6-5 or 7-4 would never get a bowl game. So that means, many smaller schools would never make any money. I don’t agree with all the numbers behind the BCS, but bowl games are better for everyone except when you have incidents like what has just happened. At least with Bowl games, many teams have a chance to test their skills among other teams that they would never play, and they make some extra cash for their school. Playoffs would eliminate that from ever happening.

And you know Colorado, Oregon and Florida have a big problem with Nebraska going to the championship game. But hey, it's all good. It'll be a good game. I would rather have seen the Gators in the championship game, as they would have put on a good show against Miami. And yes, I think the Gators would have annilliated LSU in the SEC game...just like they did earlier in the season at Death Valley. It just sucks that Tenn put on their best game of the season against the Gators...and the Gators played as poorly as they did against Auburn. Oh well, the Gators will be back next year. Until then, GO HUSKERS!

Mufasa, we gotta talk, man. I was born and raised in South Louisiana, and I’ve never heard of half the crap you have listed as food. :wink:

BTW, it’s CRAWfish. At least it is to us.

And you’re welcome, Nebraska fans and team. We’ll collect one member of the dance team in return for doing that big favor for you. :wink:

DocT: I LOVE Louisiana! Not from there, but my best friend is. Lives outside of The Big Easy in a little town called Houma.

So…I guess the Lion messed up a little on the vittles! How about…GUMBO, fried catfish and Crawfish Stew and Rice for the hard working T-Man and Tiger football player? (Gotta keep the protein up!:)—!!!

Never been to Baton Rouge, though. Is it a typical sorta “wild” college town?

By the way…one of my favorite musicians and entertainers is a “Favorite Son” of Louisiana too: Harry Connick, Jr.!!!

Go LSU!!! LSU wooped Tennesse’s ass. LSU just showed up ready to play. Nate I agree with you about Florida but I don’t know if they would have annilated us. We played our worst game of the season against them. As for Tennesse we beat them last year and only lost by a touchdown the first time. I don’t think they were as good as Florida. Florida is just good at choking. Remember when we beat them when they were #1 in the country a few years back. And the good thing is LSU is playing in the Sugar bowl in NEW ORLEANS and I have tickets. Go tigers!!!