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So Who Makes the GHRP-6?


I just first want to thank BBB and other posters whose threads I've lurked upon and read about peptides.

In particular, thanks to the posters who told readers to refer to dat true professional muscle expert in the field.

I'm an old fucker and increasing GH is certainly something I need to do. Being also a cheap fucker, legal peptides seems very cool, and probably just going to do 2X day, morning and evening --- more than logevity, but not practically able to bring product to work.

But, reading about fake Chinese pumps that failed this morning in a lawsuit gave me pause.

Who makes this stuff? Where is it from? How is it made? Is it really made from cow brains? Will I get mad cow disease?

It's all over the internet, but (unlike anobolics) nary a comment on who makes it.


my guess is either chinese supply powders or UGLs...given Western Union is the only payment option I wouldn't call them exactly legal. They're for research purposes, and much research is needed......we'll see how my lab rats down in the basement do. :slight_smile:


There are peptide manufacturers in the United States who make it. I think there are even entire production facilities that only make GH peptides. I wouldn't worry too much about impurity, because the worst that can happen is a bunk product, it's just amino acids. It's amazing how easy it is to make peptides now.