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So Who Here Never Trains Their Legs?


I figure since every time I go to the gym the squat racks and sleds are empty that no one ever trains their legs. So I was wondering, how many of you never train your legs?

While we're at it, who doesn't train their back either?








I never train my legs............

......Hard enough, heavy enough, or often enough, because they could still be better than they are!






i bang out pulldowns or weight assist pullups once every other week for back and play tennis twice a week for my legs.

my knee has been screwed up since my college days of intramural kite flying. i was whipping around this monster gyro-glider that my friend Steve had crafted, i'll tell ya i was really shredding it, that fucker was dancing, i was so IN THE MOMENT that while cresting this knobby hill, w/ burning focus looking up, i stepped right into a divot, BAMN!

my left knee has been fucked ever since.


A fucking idiot who doesn't even deserve to belong in the beginner's section... And the guys in KingBeef's post.


I read in fit magazine that riding the bike three times a week was enough.


Yeah, I used to think that. I rode my bike about 8-15 hours a week for 2 years.....no size. I got pretty good at riding a bike, but my legs didn't get any bigger.


Guess i shoulda included the sarcasm tag on my post.




rofl that pic cracks me up every time i see it


Poor guys, I remember always having to wear hand-me-down clothes from my older brother, but never from my sister


What are "legs"?


Hey OP

you scumbag piece of shit.

Not everyone has legs.

Or a back.

Keep making fun of the less fortunate and see where it gets you. Theres a special place in hell for unsympathetic pricks like you. How about instead of making threads to make fun of double amputees and people who've needed a backectomy, you grow up and do some good in this world.

Im just kidding. Youre not an unsympathetic prick. Youre going to regular hell, not special hell.


1/ because one set of 20 reps squat toast you down for almost 5 days?

2/ all leg-trainers are doing:

a-leg press
b-hack squat
d-one leg squat
f- etcetera etcetera....

3/ your gym rack is out of order

4/your gym rack is used for bb rows and bb curl

5/all GYM leg-trainers are using the new ergotronic TRAP 4WHEEL DRIVE bar.



I want to take this thread

Shine this sonbitch up real nice

Turn it sideways

And shove it it up your roody poo candy ass.

You come out here runnin your mouth about not training this and not training that...well, The Count says


Your legs are gonna be worked enough for a life time after you walk down to know your role blvd and jabroni drice hang that left. And enter the Smackdown hotel..oh and its a long long walk my brotha

You'll need carbs to recover from such a climb..I know what you have in mind The Count know how you fuel up...a pastry

Long and brown..with a creamy cemter

You're gonna order room service..you're gonna tell the receptionist to bring you the longest struedel they can find

But enough about you and your superior training system

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So next Monday night you better get ready because I'm givin you the BIGGEST beatdown in TNATION history

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I'm deliverin clothelines..spinebusters..elbows

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But that won't be my gift

Nu uh

I heard your wife makes a mean aplle pie and I'm gonna have me a few servings

(Sniffs air)