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so, who here can do clap pullups?

and how many? i’m going to try them in two days on my next workout day. i can’t use as much weight as described in the article, i can still do pullups fairly explosively.

They are not really hard to do at all. I stop a set when rep speed slows but if
I wanted to push myself could do at least 10 I would think.

To be honest though I dont think that clap push ups are necasserily that good an exercise. It depends on how you do them. Explosive chins are a great exercises dont get me wrong... but doing a chin with a clap does not necasserily make them explosive.

I have seen guys that can barely do a couple of chins do clap chins. What they do is pull themselves up to the bar and when they are at the highest point let go and as they drop quickly clap there hands and grab the bar again. Now there is nothing explosive about this type of 'clap' chining. There is no upward momentum at all durring the clap. And if you have quick hands they are probably no harder than a normal chinup.

If you do them properly then yes they are a great exercise. If you are prone to being lazy. A better exercise while it is harder and needs a bit of equipement that you will need to set up yourself is this. Do the concentric phase as quickly and powerfully as possible and then grab a bar that is above the bar you are using (For person reasonable at chinnig the second bar should be equal to or greater than arms length above the lower bar). That is one rep. After that rep you can immediately chin again and do a clap chin, or if you have other higher bars repeat the process continually grabbing higher bars. You can ofcourse just do singles. OR drop from the higher bar to the lower bar for some plyometric type loading.

Just a quick note though if you do set them up do not place the bars vertically above one another. There should be a small horizontal deviation you you will hit the lower bars when you chin with the higher bars.

You could also just use many already existing structures that are around.

Have fun

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Clap chins? Yep, I can do them, about 3x5 sometimes! I have not done them for about five months though!

What Chris is basically talking about is plyometric chinups, or ‘chinup jumping’. It’s one of the very best ways to increase your strength to freakish levels. Check out the following article on ‘campusing’, it gives you an idea of what to expect. However, if you’re human (like the rest of us), you’d be using rungs and not campus boards. These are the same guys who make Rock Rings, btw.

www.metoliusclimbing.com/ howto_campusboards.htm

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