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So When Do You...

First pin 250mg of Test E and 100mg Prop. Also, what exactly does it feel like? Is it one of those things you’ll know when it happens?

You’ll feel pressure. Similar to someone poking you with their finger. It doesn’t hurt unless the person doing it hits a nerve or isn’t steady with the needle.

LOL, I meant what does the T feel like. I already know what the injection feels like.

I think the best quote I ever heard from a T-Nation member on their first cycle of T was:

“who turned on the fcuking man switch?”

Runner up goes to our italian connection cadav

“I need to do hard, complete, sex”

I am only a week into running T in my first cycle and already I feel like I notice a difference (almost from first injection). My libido is up. My mood is better. I feel stronger.

I haven’t hit the “euphoria” or “test fullness” yet that everyone talks about.

After the first injection, huh? The only thing I feel after number one is a sore ass check because I was shaking like a leaf the whole time.

ya, my first injection was really rough.