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So What's this I, Bodybuilder Thing?


I see the video about black-ops anacondas or whatever, but is the program taking the supplement, or is there an actual routine? I'm confused.


Routine and supplements.


It will make you rethink all you know about training and supplementation, you will shit your pants.


You won't just grow new muscle, you'll grow new muscles.


you basically get so big that they will have to shut down Mr O because of the number of applicants. and thats just if you watch the video.


With I, Bodybuilder around Chuck Norris is going to have to check his closet for "us" before he goes to bed now.


who cares.
why dont you give yourself a wedgie again.
and work on your glute striations.

no homo


LMFAO XB-C! I think I see some cottage cheese on that ass...... NO HOMO.


large curd


itll be effective, no doubt, but you better be ready to pay out of your ass for the supps. V-Diet works and its great, but its not exactly cheap. id wait till it comes out to pass any real opinions though.


The program as far as I know is free, but Anaconda isn't.


Son of a bitch! Was that really necessary w/o a warning? For the love of god people please stop posting that pic/linking to that thread.


LOLOL man xb-c you're a bastard!!


Just wait man, it'll come up.


Are any of the people this worried about this system even built?

I am really wondering.


This is a good point.

I am sure the ones not giving a shit are the ones who are working hard even after gaining 40+ pounds of lean body mass.

The ones who are really cahming will be mostly (I bet my ass) the ones who have sucked at this and are looking for salvation of their lack of gains.



seriously, OP, you been sleeping under a rock or did a DB fall on your head


well, who do you think is going to be paying the bills for this site the proven vets, or the 1,000s that are struggling?


I do DC one week, then Westside, then 5x5, then a CW TBT, then 5/3/1, then WSFSB, then I do some bosu work (for the core), then I pyramid up my splits starting at a 2 way split the first week and work up to a 6 way 2x a day split. I do all this on 1800-2000 calories a day, so I don't lose my abs (I like to try and run 3 miles as well a few times a week). Sometimes I find that going a full week on a program might slow me down so I switch it up Wednesdays (generally on ME days). However I have made no progress on these programs and have been stuck at my lifts for the last year. It is obviously the programs fault.

I have a feeling "I, BODYBUILDER" and Anaconda will fix this. I have decided to not train at all now and just wait for this program to come out. I hope I don't get too big. It is hard enough to find pants that fit.


Now you're just trying to hard to fit in. Also a poor attempt at sarcasm.

OP, just wait another week or something. It will come out. All this hype/videos and time spent by mods/authors talking about it, it will be out in no time. However don't expect miracles.