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so whats the deal with the new mag-10?

I just got some more mag-10 today, and its different than the old stuff. Comes in a little box with a scooper thing (I assume filling the scooper thing is the equivilant of 1.5 cap fulls). Its clear and has a minty taste. Are you supposed to hold it under your toung still? It doesnt say to on the bottle any more. Can anyone answer this for me? thanks

They said they were doing this a while back, making it clear etc. I haven’t seen the little dipper thing yet. Should be handy. And no, Bill Roberts has always said you don’t have to hold it under your tongue.

Knocker- Did you purchase your new Mag-10 from Biotest? Just wondering if other supp sites were selling the updated version

thanks for the relpies. Yeah I bought this batch from biotest, because of the buy 2 get 1 free. I liked the bubble gum flavor better…oh well, stuff still kicks ass

I just got a new mag-10 from a supplier and it is the new flavor with the dipper thing, so I guess some suppliers have it already.

so i take it i wouldn’t have to use an oral syringe anymore now that it comes with a better measuring device, right? or would it still be better to use the syringe?

I still prefer a syringe myself.