So What do you Eat?

I’m curious what the typical day looks like for you folks, on Massive Eating or otherwise. I need about 5kcal a day to grow, and I don’t get that much. I get maybe 3800 or so. I’m having a hard time eating very clean, yet getting enough calories. Chicken breasts, while great, really don’t have much caloric value.

So if you don’t mind, could you big eaters outline what you eat? I think I might be eating wrong, and should be eating foods with more cals, but I’m trying to stay clean.


I eat eggs, cheese, butter, pancakes, pork, turkey, chicken, beef (grounded and steaks)low carb tortillas, tuna, wheat bread, natural peanut butter, oatmeal, GROW!, flax seed oil, but not all at one sitting.

Ground beef and pasta are great ways to eat a lot without realizing it.

I find that if you eat clean all day you can get away with one or two high-caloric cheat foods a day that can help your totals. Things like bacon and chicken wings (without the sugar glaze) work.

Eating ‘clean’ and bulking don’t really go together IMO. Don’t overlook healthy fats: whole eggs vs egg whites, dark poultry meat vs breast meat, coconut milk, and olive, fish, and flax oils.

Okay, maybe I’ll stop worrying about being the clean food nazi and just eat. Clean as possible, but not look at some pizza or a hamburger as sin…

I wouldnt take the response’s you have received as an invitation to go eat pizza and crappy burgers. Those really wont give you the result you want.

What they are saying is eat CLEAN only not as lean. Shoot for the more dense sources Potatoes, pasta,grains etc… have a lot of k/cals for their size.

Then also choose good meats that have a bit more fat content. Steaks and such that are not quite as lean. More fatty fish like salmon. Add good fats to your plan. This along with the hypercaloric diet will maximize your T levels.

Hope this helps,


In all seriousness, what the hell are you doing eating chicken breasts and trying to eat “clean” when you want to put down 5k calories a day and grow?

Needless to say, that’s a lot of food. I’ve eaten near that level at times (maybe more like 4500) and it can feel like a full-time job! Don’t go to McDonalds and order Super-Size value meals, but if by “clean” you mean healthy, there’s still no reason to limit yourself to protein as lean as chicken breast.

Why not dig into some beef, pork products (might as well break out the bacon and sausages if you want calories), whole eggs, whole fat dairy products, etc.

If I were trying to eat that much I might even break out the pizza and pasta and rice and really go apeshit. Hey why not learn to make Thai curries, and then you could do beef curry with coconut milk and eat it over a mound of jasmine rice? THAT should have some calories. If you are interested in health and nutrition, crank up your produce consumption as well.

I guess the impression I get from your post is that you are tying to avoid fat for some reason… don’t worry about it, low fat dieting went out of fashion ages ago for good reason…


Here’s what I ate today.

Breakfast: large bowl oatmeal, half gallon milk, 6 eggs 1 bulb garlic

post workout: Three scoops grow! in a large glass of gatorade with five grams creatine

ten miunetes later. . . : cup papaya juice and a half pound herring

brunch: pound lean beef, two tomatoes and as much broccoli as I could stoumach

Lunch: pound lean beef, more broccoli, and a LARGE bowl of home-made chili

Lupper: one pound of chicken (baked) and more broccoli

supper: the rest of that chili, another pound of chicken and MORE broccoli

post-supper snack: half pound of herring, four onces of cheese

post-post-supper snack: half pound of herring and as much broccoli as I could eat.

Midnight snack: four onces cheese, handful of broccoli, one large onion.

I (heart) broccoli.

I usually eat 3 p+c meals and then two p+f meals. I am not bulking however. I weigh about 168 and want to stay here then go down to 164-165 when I decide to compete in powerlifting. Right now I just try to maintain weight. Usually I eat clean trying for 3-5 servings of fruit and veggies a day and only low gi carbs unless workout days but lately I have been having one cheat meal a day. On a workout day I will usually have a gatorade/protein/amino shake while at the gym then another after I workout then some yogurt + grow and a glass of fruit juice an hour later then another carb meal 2 hours after that usually chicken, rice and veggies. Then I’ll have a grow + 2tbs flax shake and lastly some eggs, turkey sausage, olive oil and broccoli before bed. This comes out to around 3000 kcal or so…enough for me to keep my weight.

[quote]Yami Mao wrote:
Here’s what I ate today.

Now THAT is massive eating. What does your weekly grocery bill look like?

Today (weight day and ice hockey later in the evening):

  • Hot-Rox, Multi, Tribex

Consumed with every meal: CLA, 2 fish oil caps (except P+C post workout).

  1. 3 Omega Eggs
    4 Egg whites
    1/2 tbsp flax

  2. 4 oz chicken breast
    1 tbsp flax

  3. 5 oz lean ground beef
    drizzle of flax

  • Hot-Rox, Multi, Tribex
  1. 4 oz chicken breast
    1 tbsp olive oil
  • PowerDrive
  • 100g carbs from something (fruit, 1/2 some kind of bar).

→ Workout

  • R-ALA
  1. 115g carbs from dextrose
    45g protein from high-grade whey
  • PowerDrive, Clif Bar

→ Ice Hockey

  • R-ALA
  1. 115g carbs from brown rice
    45g protein from chicken/fish

Doing this for the last 2 weeks has yielded 1.5 lbs of fat loss/wk with 0 muscle loss (or very negligible). I’m at about 237 13.5% BF or so.

I wouldn’t normally consume a Clif Bar except on days where I’m doing high-intensity stuff 2 times during the day. If I don’t have this I’ll run out of gas almost immediately since my diet is quite low on calories given my activity levels. On “off” days or just cardio days I’ll keep my carbs below 25-30g.

Thanks guys. I think I need to get off the chicken thing and eat some real meat, potatoes, pasta and foods that have some calories.

And dude, a half gallon of milk in the morning? That’s 3.5 gallons of milk a week. That’s crazy.

right out bed (4:30am): whey protein & fiber
breakfast (6:00am): cottage cheese, 2 tbsp almond butter, fish oil caps
snack (9:15am): cottage cheese, fish oil caps
lunch (noonish): 1/2 lb chicken, brocolli, flax oil caps
pre-workout (3:45): 2 scoops whey, ALA, creatine, a little dextrose
post-workout (5:30): 1 serving Surge
snack (7pm): low-fat granola in “milk” made with 2 scoops vanilla whey in cold water
bedtime (9:30): 2 scoops milk & egg protein, 1/4 cup egg whites, 1 scoop whey, 2 tbsp fiber

non workout days dinner is 6 eggs, with a couple ounces of cheese, and some almond butter

I’ve gained 10 lbs over the last 3 months (also using Tribex and Red Kat) on this diet, with no real gain in body fat

Whoops! I meant 100 calories of carbs pre-workout not grams.

Damn Yami! You must fart ALOT! Herring?! Just messing with you, that is a ton of food for sure!

Try some natural peanut butter and olive oil for some quick (and good!)fat calories.

I can definitely relate. I shoved so much food in my face that it felt like I was going to puke when I saw food. Then, I read an article where John Berardi recommended alternating liquid and solid meals. This helped me tremendously. I drink a Grow! shake in between every solid meal. I mix it with skim milk to add extra calories.

There are plenty of neurotic, paranoid eaters I’m sure who will disagree, but for me, eating big is decidedly not eating clean. The best diets in my experience for gaining quality weight include plenty of milkshakes, burgers, pizza, and the like…

Let loose for a couple weeks, the world will not end, and you’ll probably have a good bit of fresh muscle on your frame to show for it. (By the way, I’m not advocating reckless dietary abandon…you still need to meet your protein requirements, eat your fiber, and avoid binging; but for a lot of us, to put on quality weight, we need to lower our standards a bit…)

Best of luck

That sounds pretty good right now Ramo. That’s about the only thing I haven’t tried. We’ll see how it goes.

I don’t see the major problem getting high calories eating clean as JB outlines it. I easily knock back 5000-6000kcals a day and I haven’t had a cheat meal in well over 6 months. Btw, kcals are equal to 1 Calorie so saying you need 5kcals means you need 5 Calories a day… like, one gram of carb type. Not a bid deal, just a thought :slight_smile:

Anyway, keep the chicken breasts, it makes a TERRIFIC PC meal. You can get over 80g of protien for under 5g of fat, what a steal :slight_smile: Also, mainstays of the diet? Eggwhites, regular eggs, 4% groundbeef (not hamburgers), salmon, tuna (obviously PC), salads, nuts, oils, fruits, oatmeal, cottage cheese, and grow. Obviously I eat a tub o’ veggies each day but seriously, they are so calorically light that I can’t really call them a mainstay :wink:

Anyway, if you can’t come up 5kCals a day with those foods, you are in a rut. Yes, if you eat the “3 egg 4 eggwhite ommie” you will run into roadblocks, but learn to eat :slight_smile:

Not going to post a full days worth but…

3 cups cottage cheese
2 scoops grow
1.5 cup blueberries
.5 cup quakeroats
2 cups what bran
.5cup strawberries
(All mixed together for what it is worth)

3 cups spinach
3 roma tomatoes
12 oz salmon
1 cup almonds
15-20ml fishoil
some skim milk mozz cheese (far from fat free thoug)

The Ommie
1 Carton o’ eggwhites (10 eggs)
4 real flaxed eggs
A heaping handful (or two) of broccoli
A mystery vegetablt to keep me guessing.

And so on. I have a few more big meals each day and then PWO nutrition on those special days. Nothing complicated, just simple, clean eating. You don’t need to eat italian/mex/chinese food to bulk up, the calories are easy to find if you really want them. Best of luck :slight_smile: