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So What Do You Do Outside The Gym?

After reading about Lonnie being surrounded by clones of the comic book guy from the Simpsons, you have to wonder what these people do in there spare time, besides thinking of new ways to decorate there parents basements for D&D night. Actually what’s even more entertaining is wondering what your average meathead, bloat monster, t-vixen, T-man, does when there is no meal to eat, weight to lift, or article to read…So, what do you do?

When I’m not at work, I turn into a melon. I’m either a “Honey, do…” or a “Daddy, do…”

Free time is spent working out (with frequent “Honey & Daddy, do…” breaks between sets), watching a DVD with the family or playing Doom 3, Unreal Tournament 2004, Neverwinter Nights, etc. on my obsolete PC.

I look for an IT job to pay the bills (just one of many out of work IT peeps in the DFW area) and play video games: PC, XBox, PS2, GCube you name it.

I just got back from QuakeCon recently! Would have loved to have made GenCon.

I read a TON and watch a lot of movies. Both are very relaxing to me. I also play with my dog quite a bit and go to dinner all the time. In addition to coaching, I also play Minor-league Football and various recreational sports.

Read. A little gaming if its the right crowd. Otherwise its down to the “lab” to play with solvents, electrodes, build rockets, But lately ive been building a tesla coil. Science geek, what can i say?

The gym I currently train at is at work so it’s a part of work—at home and outside:

outside I go free diving, taking my daughter (and wife when she is home) to the beach, hiking the Ko’olau mountain range, playing soccer, learning tai chi, shopping for the house.

at home I cook, clean, take care of my daughter on my days off (and the wifey is at work), landscaping my yard (going very slowly) major DIY, watch TV if there’s something good, play guitar, and reading books to my daughter. oh I also pray that my homies call me up on my days off to go out- don’t care what but just to get out.

nice thread

i work, read about lifting, think about lifting, daydream about football, play counterstrike, watch movies, watch comcent, wait for halo2 because i am UNSTOPPABLE HALO EMPORER WHO KNOWS NO DEFEAT!!!

all bow before wufwugy!!!

[quote]Beatnik wrote:
Read. A little gaming if its the right crowd. Otherwise its down to the “lab” to play with solvents, electrodes, build rockets, But lately ive been building a tesla coil. Science geek, what can i say?[/quote]

A Tesla Coil? Like in Command and Conquer? That always killed those stupid allied troops.

When I’m not at work or the gym, I’m usually trying to sleep. I go out with friends occasionally, shoot 8-ball in the local APA pool league, play the occasional computer game, watch DVD’s lately I got the Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD’s – funny and good to fall asleep to.

Can’t remember the last time I stepped inside a gym. My gym is my garage, the local parks and playgrounds(always take the kids there may as well get some activity in myself), the alley beside my house and wherever I decide to walk my wheelbarrow, drag my sled or carry my dumbbells farmers walking.

But I read for myself and to my kids, make stuff for the house, look for houses to invest in, go on dates with my wife and help home school my two oldest kids. Occassionally watch TV, but watch movies 2-3 times a week.

That’s about it.


when i’m not at the gym… after my recent posts my gym time has been slashed from 2.5 hours to <1. which gives me even more time at home hehe…

i tend to read up and study a bit from time to time,it’s unavoidable in my field. i love computers, so that goes without saying. meeting up with friends… getting nice stuff to eat. i’m also a huge coffee fan, but i’ve restricted it, just sticking to cappucinos and dropping those calorie loaded icy beverages (but they’re good!). movies, tv, so forth :slight_smile: i’m what you call a real HOME boy.


i’m with wufwugy. i think counterstrike is worse than drugs. it’s just as addictive, yet it doesn’t have major detrimental health impacts. thus guys like me think of it as “good, clean fun”. bullshit. what a total waste of time. i also read, do movies, drink coffee, hang with friends, and all that crap. who doesn’t? presently in hot pursuit of precious poon.

Bastard F*ck Guy

Hey Wuf,

I’ll bet I can kick your butt in that game.


I’m getting my PhD in engineering psychology… that takes up the bulk of my time outside of the gym.

Other than that, I go out with my friends, watch sports (go Buckeyes), and SHOP! ;o)

Read- the one hobby I could never do without. Play rugby. Skate. Sleep with beautiful women.

I play guitar (Been playing 18+ years).
I’m constantly writing and recording music. Favorite music is 80’s heavy metal and current European metal. Randy Rhoads is why I started playing guitar.

I also love playing Counter-Strike and NFL Fever 2004 on Xbox Live. I just recently Got ESPN Football 2k5 and am quickly falling in love with that.

My favorite team is the NY. Giants

On top of that I Also find the time to kickbox 3 to 5 times a week (Depending on my scedule and or energy level). This will be my last year doing it.

In my spare time I take care of my daughter (2 years old) together with my wife. While my daughter plays with her toys (till 10:30/11 p.m.) and my wife watches reality shows (which I hate), I try to read usually fiction. Our 2nd child is going to be born by the end of October so I guess my spare time is drastically going to decrease.

Buckeyed Girl, What is engineering psychology? Being an engineer, I’m a little curious as they don’t seem to go together.

Uh, to add to this thread and not hijak it…on my off time i go fishing, play guitar and drink beer.

Got beer?

LOL…luca you have no idea. :slight_smile:

Outside of the gym?

-Father of two awesomely good-natured boys (under 2), who naturally require a whole LOT of attention…but are already lugging around 4kg medicine balls! I shit you not!

Husband to a lovely, beautifull wife

Aspiring indie game developer

Teaching game programming at the local university

IT tech developer

Play Video Games.