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So, wanna know about Red Kat

Here is my journal/case report on Red Kat after 2 weeks.

Name:MYOBW Product: Red Kat
Date Started: 10/3/03
Duration: 4-6 weeks
Goal: Gain size and strength

List all injuries you have experienced regardless of their cause: Large cut on left leg required 21 stitches when I was 6.  Recurring bursitis/tendonitis in Right shoulder.

List all other supplements and drugs you have or will be taking during the duration of this trial.  Include prescription, alcohol and recreational drugs.

Red Kat
VPX Micellean MRP
Creatine Monohydrate 5g pre and 5 g postworkout, 1x5 g on non-training days
Finasteride 1 mg
Marijuana (Once, I have no idea why, I hate that stuff)
Tylenol Sleep Diphenhydramine HCl (To sleep a couple of nights)
Sytenhance starting day 12

Baseline Stats
Weight: 214
Chest: 6
Abdomen: 22
Thigh: 6

Circumferences (All unflexed and cold)
Shoulders: 49 ??
Chest: 43?
Left Arm: 14 ??
Right Arm: 14 ??
Left Forearm: 12 ??
Right Forearm: 12 ??
Abdomen: 34?
Waist: 33 ??
Left Thigh: 24?
Right Thigh: 24?
Left Calf: 16?
Right Calf: 16?

List all relevant info on each day

Day 1 10/3/03
1 pill at 4pm
Nothing really noticeable today, except maybe a little revved up feeling. I am chalking this up to placebo effect. I drank beer today. Body temp upon wakening was 98.0 F and it has been around 97.5 everyday the week before. I think my thermo is off, could be calibrated incorrectly, either way my body temp has increased.

Day 2
1 pill at 10 am upon awakening
1 pill at 6 pm prior to dinner
Woke up with a slight case of morning wood. I generally don?t wake up with morning wood anymore. Immediately after I masturbated, I had a sense of anger that I generally don?t get. Nothing else really to report, but I drank again tonight and had a bit of the chronic, which is very uncommon to me. I guess alcohol is a gateway drug because I never would have smoked that crap otherwise. This will be the last time I drink in a while.

Day 3
1 pill at 9:30 am upon awakening
1 pill at 4:15 pm, at the end of my workout
Woke up with a slight case of the morning wood. Last nights sleep was a little restless. Workout went great. Last week, I could barely do my 8 sets of 3 @ 250 on bench with 3 minutes rest between sets. This week, I blew through all the sets with under 2 minutes rest. Another odd note: Generally when I finish a set, I want to stop but I force myself to do another set. Today, after every set on every exercise, as soon as I finished my set, I was chomping at the bit to start my next set. Finally, towards the end of my workout, I crapped out and was ready to stop, but I finished anyway.

Day 4
No pills, as cycle suggests.
Had a very explosive dynamic effort day. Also, I am hot as fuck now, I tossed and turned all last night as a result of this. It took me over an hour to fall asleep once I hit the hay.

Day 5
2 pills at 9:41am upon awakening
1 pill at 5:10 pm
Day off from the gym, nothing really to report although I still feel quite hot, got pit stains at work which sucks. Also, I went to the movies with this chick and she told me I felt like a furnace.

Day 6
Body temp 98.9 F
2 pills at 9am
1 pill at 3:30pm
Workout went pretty good, but my shoulders are killing me, I am going to have to stretch way more now, but this has nothing to do with the Red Kat since I felt this way last week. I have come to the conclusion that my tendons are not getting as strong as my muscles are. I chalk this up to my taking a layoff from working out for almost 2 years. I am still working from muscle memory, but over the past 5 weeks, I have progressed to being almost where I was. Also, I had a chub that wouldn?t go away today for no particular reason, go figure. On a side note, I am fucking hot ALL the time now. I have to have the fan pointing right at me to fall asleep now. My body temp was 98.9 F in the am, but I feel like it is like 100+. I went to work today with a T-shirt and shorts on and I started to sweat my balls off by like 11am and it was only like 65 F. Took my BP at the grocery store and it was 148/80. I am never over 130/70, but I am going to guess this is probably a result of my walking over there, I will check it again next week at the same time. Regardless, I will be sticking with this dosage.

Day 7
Body temp 98.4 F
2 pills at 9 am
1 pill at
Took me over an hour and a half to go to sleep last night. Woke up with less than 6 hours sleep, but I feel fine. I am still running a higher body temp upon awakening, but I doubt it is all that significant, we will see. I have no symptoms of a cold so only time will tell if I am sick or if it is due to the Red Kat. I drank beer tonight.

Week 2 with measurements.

Day 8
No pills
Nothing to report, still kinda hot and body temp was 98.9 again. I drank a couple beers tonight.

Day 9
2 pills at 10am
1 pill at 3:35 pm
Nothing to report, still hot.

Day 10
2 pills at 11am
1 pill at 6pm
Hot all day today, but it was fairly warm out. Got a spontaneous boner on the train and I wasn?t even thinking about chicks, at one point my dick throbbed for about 15 minutes. Gym went well, my shoulders felt great and my weights increased. Body temp is 98.1 and BP is 146/79 which is high for me. Still have no signs of a cold. Also, it is 55 degrees outside right now and I just took a 5 minute walk and I am sweating quite a bit. Took 2 Tylenol sleeping pills with Diphenhydramine HCl to try to get to bed and get back onto a better schedule. Oh yeah, and I had my roommates check their temps on my thermometer and they both read 97.1 F.

Day 11
2 pills at 9:30am
1 pill at 3:30 pm
DE Leg day went well. I went through my whole routine and it seemed like I was getting a good pump. Still hot all day and I seem to have more energy than usual. About an hour before I went to bed, I got really amped up. Not an angry type of amped up, but it was like I was ready to do pump out a few sets. Once this feeling started to subside, I went to bed and had a boner for like 25 minutes. Finally, the boner went away, but after 2 hours of trying to sleep, I had to take some of the Tylenol sleep stuff again.

Day 12
No pills as cycle suggests
I am also adding sytenhance by xtremeformulations starting today. Nothing much to report, although I got pretty amped before bed, but I managed to get thru without the sleep pills. BP was 137/77.

Day 13
2 pills at 7:45am
1 pill at 3:00pm
I was amped up all day today. It wasn?t an anger thing, I just felt like I could do anything physically. Upper Body workout went well, I was able to do slightly more volume in slightly less time. My curls, Shoulder press, and tricep pushdown all increased significantly.

Day 14
2 pills at 10am
1 pill at 4 pm
Body Temp 97.2
I know I said I wasn?t doing this for the sex part, but holy shit. Last night I had a hard from about 2am til I woke up at 10am this morning. All I have to say is thank god for the endless amount of downloadable porn on the internet. I fully admit to having beat off 4 times between the time I woke up at 10 am until I took my second dose at 4pm. I am generally good for about 2-3 a day. I guess it is good I decided to take the day off from work. I would say that my libido is where it was about 3 years ago judging by the number of whacks. What is also very interesting is that my shot force has increased and the Os are more intense. You know how the more you whack off the less sensitive your nut is? Well that doesn?t really happen. To go along with this intensity, once I am finished I am highly irritable. The hot thing is still there, but it is less of an issue as I am now used to it. When I saw my buddy who I hadn?t seen in a week, he said I looked ?Fucking Huge.? and asked if I was on a cycle of roids. I told him no, just taking supplements and he said he wanted me to get him some and that I was bigger than he has ever seen me. Quite the ego boost. Oh yeah, got drunk tonight.

Week 2 Stats
Weight: 216
Chest: 5
Abdomen: 24
Thigh: 5

Shoulders: 51 ??
Chest: 44 1/8?
Left Arm: 15 1/8?
Right Arm: 15?
Left Forearm: 12 7/8?
Right Forearm: 12 7/8?
Abdomen: 34?
Waist: 33 ??
Left Thigh: 24 ??
Right Thigh: 24 ??
Left Calf: 16 ??
Right Calf: 16 ??

That’s it, sorry it is so long, but I didn’t wanna break it up 20 times and have to reformat it all since this is a cut and paste job from Microsoft. I would definitely highly recommend Red Kat to anyone who asks and I am not even half way done the bottle. Hope this helps someone.

Thanks for posting this; interesting stuff. How old are you?

Oops, I forgot, I am 27.

My blood pressure has gone up noticably since I started taking REDKAT. I’m really loving all of the other effects, but I’ve had to take BP medication in the past and am worried the REDKAT is causing the rise.

I can break it down easily:

I’m pissed off and horny! I love this stuff!