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So Very Fat!

Alright, so I have lost my motivation. I was once an FFB, now I am just a fat ass. I took some time off after a death in my family and I put on a lot of weight. Does anyone have any advice on helping me get back to being an FFB? I have not lifted regularly for 7 months and my diet is in the trash. thanks for any help.

Start making changes…


Read this thread:


“Some time off” = 7 months? It sounds like the death really hit you hard. I can relate.

Clean up your diet. The food you’re eating is likely rotting your brain, which will only make you feel worse. There are tons of articles on healthy eating.

You should immediately start taking a lot of fish oil (at least 3 grams each of DHA and EPA) and Power Drive or something else to help restore your nervous system.

Ease back into training. The key is to just show up. Do machines for lifting. Who cares - it doesn’t matter what you do. The point is that you’re showing up. Show up for three times every week. Again, it doesn’t matter what exercises you’re doing, or whether you’re on the latest-and-greatest program. All that matters is that you’re putting your body in motion.

After you’ve cleaned up your diet, begun feeding your brain, and been “showing up” to the gym for a few weeks, the rest will fall into place.

Don’t get lost in the details or let the need for a “perfect” plan prevent you from starting today. Start today and tweak things as you go along.