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So..Todays Powerful Image

This weeks “Friday” Powerful image seems much more inclined to have a scandalous x rated outside link than last weeks Friday image. Heck, everyone thought she was under age, let alone promiscuous enough to have a site of sorts showing more skin.

So…what’s up TC? Got a link for this week’s tattooed derriere vixen?

If my years of research on the many and varied internet pornography websites don’t deceive me, I’d say that picture is of a nice young lady called Nextdoor Nikki. Viewable on www.nextdoornikki.com or www.nnconnect.com/models/NextDoorNikki/

Or do I get in trouble for posting links to porn sites?

WARNING - Both links are obviously not work safe.

That is indeed Miss Nikki…!

Sort of one of the first Internet “Stars” that started as a teen.

She must have some connection to Clemson, because that is a “Clemson Paws” tatoo!

Hope this helps!


A better view of the “Clemson Paws”!


Just a cute pic of Nikki!

(Hey…I do my research when a fellow “Nationer” ask a question! LOL!)


Well done Mufasa. One can never get enough of Nikki.

Another nice view of those paws! :)–!


Man, she must have spent years doing Chad’s
Sexy Female Training program to look that good. :wink:

Thanks Mufasa!

I was staring at the image for a good minute and didn’t notice the paws until I read this thread. I wonder why that was?