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So, to Recap...


I'm ready for the next year to start. 2010 has sucked. Badly. Sing along, now:

totaled my Hog
broke my foot
got demoted
got divorced
got t-boned
wrecked my shoulder
was blamed for getting t-boned, despite the guy admitting that he wasn't watching where he was going
ruined a really good credit score from everything else sapping my savings
had to resort to public assistance when my ex told me she wouldn't be able to send child support
and lost my last grandparent. I'm all out!

I know that it's optimistic to the point of being silly to think that another day ticking off the calender will actually make the difference, but I'm silly and optimistic.

SO! Anyone else have anything interesting to say about the year that was?


Happy New Year.


2010 was better than 2009, which was officially the Worst Year Ever.


i banged my 6th grade teacher?


All things considered, It was good.

I bought a house that I really like.

Lost a job that I really liked.

Got my dogs behavior adjusted to the point that she can play with other dogs. She had a serious problem with aggression.

8 years sober as of October.

Had one hell of a year collecting edible mushrooms. Found a big patch of black trumpet chanterelles, Yum!

Made a decision to continue with some education goals.

There was lots of good, bad, and indifferent in between, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Provided you don't die, things can only better this year.


OMG, yes it was!
2010 had some ups and some downs.
2011 I'll lose 1 or possibly 2 family members but we know it's coming and this time I'm ready.
Otherwise, I see lots of good stuff.

I hope everyone has lots of good stuff coming to them in 2011

And OP, you already hit the dirt this year, 2011 you will have better things, I'm sure!


Fixed my diet, dropped my sugar level, learned to squat ATG.

Hated my job, loved my job, hated my job, love my job. 2011 will be more of this.

Lost a few people, went to a few christenings.

Need to work hard on starting a family in 2011. That and be happy always.


2011 should have me freaked out. I will be out of the service after 20 years. It will be the first time since I was 12 I didn't have a job. But the way things are No one really retires you just go and do something else

So Here is to 2011 lets put on the Big Boot of Justice and all line up to kick its 2011 ass.


2009 was the best year of my life (got married, accomplished goals, partied my ass off, etc), so going in I knew 2010 was going to be a bit of a come-down.

Started out the first 5 months on crutches and lots of medical bills, so that whole time sucked huge. The rest was basically awesome though. Lots of fun times, some amazing times (found the "rhythm" in my marriage; had a baby girl a month ago), very few downs (grandma died; drunken fight with best friend; crutches), and even the "eh" time is still good because I fucking love my daily grind. Life is set up pretty sweet right now. I'm just hoping for more of the same in 2011 and beyond.

Sorry to everyone that had a shitty year. Hope I never have to go through a divorce.


2011 will be much better.
I promise.


If you have the attitude Mad HORSE then you'll be fine.


I sure hope so. 2010 blew!


We got no food
We got no money


It's 90% Grind and 10% Shine - Mike Jones


I'll tell ya where we'll go. Someplace warm. A place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talkin' bout a little place called...Aspen.


I love snow boarding!


Cool story, bro.


I don't know the french are assholes.