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So Tired, Any Ideas?

anyone have some ideas for what I can do to keep my energy level up, Ive been sleeping alot and im still very tired… When I get home from school Im dead within an hour or two…

Should I try eating more\sleeping more?

I could drink Spike Shooters :D?

Yes, to both on eating and sleeping more. Are you losing or gaining weight though?

Also, do you have a consistent sleep pattern? That made a huge difference for me.

Are you already consuming a lot of caffeine?

How old are you? I’ll assume from a quick profile check that you are trying to drop fat, are you doing a lot of cardio? Maybe that’s running you down.

If you have a mid-day slump it is either:

chronic under sleeping (or not enough quality sleep) issues…usually caused from chaotic under then oversleeping. In which case no caffeine and try to get some semblance of structure.

diet related- from sugar dipping post workout or caloric restrictions overall…or maybe eating a ton of simple carbs at once

hormone changes- not sure your age but teens are all over the map with energy and growing…totally up one minute and napping the next, it may pass.

So what do you think it is?

When I sleep too much I often have issues staying focused/alert throughout the day. You got to find that balance between too little and too much, I think.

Define sleeping ‘a lot’.

Because 8 hours is normal.

Sometimes I just get run down in the afternoon. If I can, I take a 20 min. nap. Siesta’s rock, no joke. Otherwise, it’s usually gone by the time it’s time to lift in the evening.

More likely though, it’s a mental fatigue. Come home, make some tea, take a shower and change clothes, especially your shoes. You’ll be amazed how different and refreshed you feel.

I usually get between 6-8 hours of sleep depending on how fast I fall alseep and around 4 I cant focus very well and im very tired, If I try taking a nap or going to sleep for an hour or two it doesnt really help.

I think I will try and constantly get 8 hours of sleep.I’ll try tea also


don’t start taking stimulants to make you more awake, as soon as you stop taking them the problem will still be there.
Out of interest how bright is your room? I’m fairly sure melatonin is regulated by light levels. Low light levels increase melatonin in your body, high light levels decrease. There is another hormone involved that works in reverse to melatonin but cant remember which.

So try sleeping in as dark a room as you can. Wake a few hours earlier, or even just an hour earlier and let in as much light as you can and go back to bed until you need to wake up. If your going to nap, keep it under an hour, any longer and you may start to enter a deep sleep cycle and feel more tired when you wake up.

If this does not help or the quality of your sleep is already quite high, it could well be your diet. If your not eating at regular times through the day or if your eating a lot of sugary or low GI foods then it is likely you will experience slumps of energy.