So Tired After Starting on TRT

Looking for some advice and to see if anyone else has experienced this…

Just started TRT with a reputable clinic here in the Tampa Bay area this week, and ever since starting TRT, I am exhausted. I am on a daily regiment of 20mg due to my low SHBG. I feel ok most of the morning (not great), but then around 4-5pm I crash hard. So tired and lethargic. Is this normal while my body adjusts? If so, how long will this last for those that have experienced the same. I understand that it’ll take about 5 weeks to stabilize, but I am looking for some re-assurance that this is part of the process and things will get better.

Appreciate your input!

You’re taking 20mg a day and that is all? Nothing else whatsoever? Did the fatigue start within days of starting TRT or did it start later?

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That’s it. The plan is to dial in the T and then decide if we need to add HCG down the road. Not planning to have any more kids, so it’s not a big deal. It started on the second day…I am on day 4 currently. I am in my early 40s in case you were wondering. I recently started lifting 3 days a week and cardio twice a week again (after contracting Covid in June). Was doing a search and found a few folks that had similar issues and it seemed to be resolved with increased caloric/protein intake. Could it be that simple or should I consider other avenues?

I have low SHBG and am currently on a 20mg EOD protocol and won’t reach a stable state until Saturday and experience is the same, energy during day and sometimes low energy at night.

The dialing in progress can take awhile and I doubt you get your protocol right on the first try. Your protocol may be too much T, time will tell.

If this started the second day I wonder if you have an intolerance to the type of oil you’re using. Ask your doc if you can switch to a different oil with a different base. I’ve seen this happen a few times.

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So I should expect this until about week 5? Thank for the input!

I thought about that as well. I am using pharmaceutical grade test from CVS, not compounded at one of the partner pharmacies. Def something to check into. Appreciate the input!

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I would bet on 4-6 weeks, it really depends on the person as no two men’s experience are exactly identical.

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