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So this is What I'm Working With....

I’m currently 23 yo 6’1" 180 lb and starting to get serious about lifting. Prior to the determination of getting a new routine and a friend guiding me to T-Nation, I had been working out weekly with no real gains due to lack of a proper diet routine and supplemt set up.

After being dirrectly reffered to Chad Waterbury’s total body workout from around 2002 I deciede to get more in depth with the site and now reading threads consumes a good part of my day. Enough about my road to fitness enlightenment.

Currently I am in week two of this 8 week session and today I started to add in part of the HIIT traing, for either 1 or 2 of my off days

My real question came about my diet. I am currently drinking ABB protein Drinks, and eating protein bars and a lot of meals including meat and chicken.

I have been reading and I fell right into the advertisement about Surge workout fuel so that is on the way next week.

Any critiqueing of my plan would be nice.

After this I plan to do the animal within program

Good plan. Do a professionally designed program and eat plenty of protein. Simple.

Seems like a lot of beginers want to come up with some complex 15 day body part split and make a very precise meal plan to repeat day after day. I like your plan better.

Im working on the total body traing hypertrophy and wondering if i should finish the last 6 weeks without useing the Surge Workout Fuel. Maybe see what natural gains i get with the program. I also have some abb carboforce. Should i take this with the Surge and if so when?

Picture training as a pyramid. The huge base is your dedication and effort. The next most important layer is nutrition. The next most important layer is the program. And then at the top is supplements.

So really supplements matter only after you’ve mastered the lower parts of the pyramid.

Use it or don’t use it, but I wouldn’t base your training program on what supplements you have in the house.

As far as when to use it: read the label.

No need to go overboard on supplements. Not saying you are, but they all sound good and its easy to. I don’t think you need Surge. Just stick with the time tested ones, creatine, glutamine and BCAA’s for now imo.

If you train hard and eat properly, you don’t even need supplements.

So i’ve been at this TBT workout program for about 7 weeks now and its really kicking ass. My calorie and protein intake is on point so i just had a routine question.

A week is never very typical for rep x sets but every routine is similar to these

w3d1, 60s rest 4x5
sumo dead
ss grip pull up
incline db bench
front squat
preacher curls
seated calf

w3d3 90s rest 4x8
back squat
seated cable row
glute-ham raise
military press
db culs
lying db tri extension
flat db

w3d5 120s rest 3x15
db flat bench
good mornings
bb curls
standing calf

the next week an antagonist version of this
note that the rest and rep x sets vary every 2 weeks

on days 2 and 4 i’ve been hitting what i think are the areas i want to develop more and i do this both days of the week

leg raise
back extension
torso twist machine
side db raises (for obliques or what ever)
sitting calf raise
standing calf raise

then doing a functional ab training circuit 3 times.

Can you give me any comments on my routine just looking for some insight


here’s the link if anyone is interested in what sparked my workout change and ultimate decision to get j’d & t’d (a.k.a jacked and tan.) Oh you know its kinda funny, to think about it it that should have been my profile name… damn anyway just thinking through type.

am i the only one on here?