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So this is what Happened...Need Opinions Please


Alright,so I was at a friend's house party last night.I wasn't drinking,we left at about 2:30.As we were driving through the city(Cork,in the south)I saw in the corner of my eye two black guys throwing someone on the ground.I presumed it was just a scrap as you'd see every night in town,but as we drove past I noticed it was a girl.There were five of us in the car.Me and another guy were like 'Jesus,she's getting raped,go back,go back', but the driver wouldn't whip around,we eventually made him turn and come back around when we got to a junction.

As we drove past the second time, she was talking to another girl but clearly distressed,and the two (big) black fellas were there still,looking angry.We initially concluded she was alright as she was with her friend.As we drove further away me and the same fella as last time said we should go back and make sure shes's alright,and if she's not,we can get out and do something about it.The driver said 'I am in my fuck going back there'.

So basically,there was 2 of us who wanted to do something and 3 who didn't.In a fight,the other lad would have had my back,he's quite big,not quite as big as me,but big nonetheless.But the other lads wouldn't have done anything,and are quite small anyway.Upon the driver's refusal to go back,I rang the police and told them what I saw.

However,I now feel like a really shitty person for not going back.What should I have done?Should I have gone fuck it,taken the other lad with me,and gone back to the girls?Only problem being there's a lot of stabbings in Cork over small fights like this,it was a quiet,sort of dodgy spot and these black men were probably Nigerian,who are notoriously aggressive.I wouldn't have felt confident going back with just two,as they probably had friends nearby.They also could have been pimps.But I always believe people should strive to help those who can't help themselves,so I feel like I failed in that regard.What's the point in being big if you can't protect people?

So,T-men,what should I have done?Every opinion is welcome.And I'm not looking for 'you did the right thing' sympathy bullshit,I should have helped her.


More often then not, people put themselves in situations that have bad outcomes, like that girl may of done.

But really man, putting you and your friends in danger in a place where there are lots of stabbings and chances of more people being nearby sounds pretty dumb.

It sounded like an arguement more then anything anyway.

I'm all for helping people but I'm not sure if you should of confronted these guys ready for a fight like it sounds you wanted to do. No doubt about it though, your friends sound fucking spineless.


True story.


Drug deal gone bad. Owes money. Her pimp.

Knowing what is happening is a lot different than assuming what is happening. There are lots of dead people who had great intentions.


You will feel shitty for not helping, but you would most likely have come out worse off yourself. I also live in the peoples republic and know that the black community are very aggressive but keep it amongst themselves. You did the right thing by telling the Gardai.


It was a white girl though Sean.I suppose you're right though.Still though,feel shitty about it.Where you at in Eire??


Blame it on your politicians, since no one is allowed to defend themselves anymore.


It was a white girl though Sean.I suppose you're right though.Still though,feel shitty about it.Where you at in Eire??[/quote]

I can only guess that what you saw happened outside a certain pub just over the bridge, if so then there is always white people looking to stir shit with the locals of that establishment, it's terrible to see what happens in the city at night but let me assure you, you would have got hurt, your male pride is damaged right now but you will realise someday how dangerous the situation could have been.

I think you should know now where I'm from boi


Sorry,I mean what part of Cork,not Eire.It happened down Sheares St.,not far from club Isobar.


You should quit trying to fight random black guys and learn how to fucking type.



there are black people in ireland?


You did the right thing. You ain't superman, and if you went there and screwed around you woulda got fucked up. It sounds like those motherfuckers woulda cut your throat without thinking twice- this was out of your league.

You turned around when you thought you saw a rape and called the cops when you figured out it was just shady shit. There's nothing more you could do.


Eh,I'm willing to put money on me being able to type faster than you.72 words per minute puts me in the top 10% of internet users' typing ability.



It's 2009, not 1909.... didn't at least 1 of the 5 of you have a cell phone to call the cops?

By the way, I would find some new friends if they weren't willing to kick some ass with me if the situation called for such an act.


Oh wow. These guys were DEFINITELY out of your league.


Watch this:

oahd asoida oidfn as podnas poidnaso naspodi nsdpoa snd op iasn!!!.

I just typed 1002.5 words per minute. That doesn't mean it was correct.





park the car so they can see they are being watched and call the cops. Tough or not you ain't stopping a bullet. If they are the kind of people who did not give a shit that you were parked nearby and kept pounding her then they probably aren't too scared of you.

Some people have careers cleaning up kids puke in school, some stopping criminals. For either one I call the appropriate person and let them do their job.


damn dog that's 1.2 words per second.


What the fuck are you talking about?Find two words in any of my posts that weren't spaced??