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So this is Post-Cycle Huh?


Now almost three weeks since my last shot of test e. I ran it for 9 weeks total, with HCG throughout (250/e3d). Started the nolva this week.

Libido is okay. Acne is very minor and controllable with twice-daily washing. About the only real thing I notice is a general fatigue. I just feel kind of tired all the time. Is this basically what post-cycle is like, IOW is this what I should expect for the next few weeks? If so, it's not that bad I guess. I mean, yes it sucks, but it's not horrible.

As recommended, keeping volume low on workouts but going heavy. Keeping calories slightly above maintenance still, but being a LOT stricter with regard to "cleanliness" now (not that I was that bad on cycle, but getting super anal about it now). Taking glycine, glutamine, vitamin e and c in high doses throughout the day, and went back on creatine.

Everything look good here? About how long until I can resume "regular" workouts? 6 weeks? What about cardio?

thx guise


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Yes, cortisol control is of paramount concern. I'm taking a few other odd things as well: resveratrol, a phosphatidylserine product called "endo amp" which also contains something called "alpha GPC," and ZMA and melatonin at night to ensure proper sleep. I typically consume the Biotest Surge para-workout, so it looks like I have everything covered except the bacoppa, which I haven't tried yet. I remember reading about it in the brain boosters thread. I already take huperzine and vinpocetine. When should I take the bacoppa and how much?


Resume regular workouts when you feel good. Whenever that is. There's no set time limit, but go by feel and response. You don't necessarily have to be 110% when you start them, but feeling most of the way there is probably a good idea.




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So does this mean you're now considering the possibility of short-term GH use as part of the PCT? In addition to the PS, glycine, et al.


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Yup, that's exactly what I meant. GH + cortisol mod.