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So This is How it Happens


I've had my iPhone for 2 yrs.

I take it everywhere, even the bathroom, and figured one day I'd accidently drop it in the toilet.

Last night I'm flipping my pillow over to get to the cool side and bam! I knock my protein shake over, right on top the phone.

It's "working", but it's fucked. Damnit!



Today, in my haste on the way to work I dropped my phone on the way out the door. It landed on the carpet and it still works fine. MLIA


bad thing is, I was like fuck it when the drink spilled. I'll just clean it up in the morning. Not thinking that my phone is right there


My iPhone was introduced to the local creek on a kayaking trip recently. I had two bags that I had waterproofed, one with clothes and a towel, the other with keys, wallet, and phone... Stuff I'd need to have on me to get there with my class, but didn't want to leave out somewhere.

I think you already know which bag stayed waterproof and which one didn't.


I hear ya...sorta.

I dropped my BlackBerry Bold on the ground in the first week I had it. It left a nice little scar on the upper right corner of the bezel.

Good news is that my bezel can be replaced for $12. I still haven't done it yet because I need to get a good case first...and I haven't found any I like.

If I were you I'd take this as an opportunity to get a phone that has parts that can actually be replaced. Like...a BlackBerry.


I am the world champion of dropping cell phones. Not a single one has broken yet, and one even survived in the snow for a couple of hours.

True story.


i only loose my cell phones. never broke any.

but my roomate has soaked a few phones in his days, and he just takes it apart and lets it dry. lucky bastard always fixes them like that.

you can't fix a lost phone. (i is smart)


I threw my last one out of a car window. I never replaced it and I am a happier person. That was 3 years ago.


I have a LG cell phone and the damned thing keeps turning off if I close it at a certain angle or even bump it.

It's a shine, and I hate it.


Are you saying you have a hot protein shake in the middle of the night? yuk


Says you.


imagine if it got wicked jacked and turned into a bad-ass iphone robot

too bad real life doesnt work like comic books


Go to 2:00, Mark.

(see what I did, guys?)


not hot, just room temp


My buddy forgot he was holding his cell phone and dropped it into his coffee. He thought he had put his cell phone down and was putting sugar in the coffee instead.

I've dropped my Treo more time than I can count. It's held up pretty well all things considered, but it's finally starting to show signs that it's going to die soon. It's one of the reasons I've been phone shopping lately.






I hardly ever take it with me, so I don't have to worry about it breaking or loosing it. My iPhone is always recharging. MLIA


my buddy washed 5 cell phones..4 of which were razors