So tell me about North Carolina

After three years of working in the real world, I’m going back to school for an MBA at Wake Forest University. I’ve lived in California my whole life and have never been to North Carolina. I plan on moving there in August. So any T-folk live in NC or have lived there? Break it down for me.

Raleigh-Durham Chapel Hill Triangle was repeatedly voted “Best place to live” in America for the past 10 years.

Home of Krispy Kremes
Fabulous golf courses, especially owned by the universities.
Beautiful college girls.
Incredible college hoops.
Amazing hospitality of the locals.
Great home food.
Truly wonderful people.
Good military population; friendly, strong, and characteristic of the might and magic of the fighting US army personnel.
#1 Orthodontic program in the United States (says me), same with the Oral Surgery program (this is where I come in).

I loved it. Didn’t spend much time there, but I’d move there in a split second. Absolutely, hands down, one of the best places on earth. I doubt you’ll ever move away.

Sounds really nice, although coming from Santa Barbara I feel like I’ll be downgrading no matter where I go, but I hope to be proven wrong. How about the weather? I’ve been told it’s very humid in the summer and this winter was particularly rainy.

yep. Weather can be a bit different. But it never bothered me. I just accept it and deal with it. SB sounds nice though.

I came to Raleigh from Atlanta, GA. A bit of a downgrade, traffic is much better though! It depends on your interests I suppose. What kinds of activities are you into?

i moved from texas to NC a few years ago-drove through on a vacation and decided i would stay.

i was super impressed with it (although just about anything would be better than TX). as far as the weather goes it really depends on where in NC you go. obviously closer to the coast is more humid, but in Asheville where i live it stays quite pleasant all year long-no real temp extremes. NC has a decent economy, beautiful scenery, and a relaxed southern atmosphere. i have been through over half the states and this is my favorite so far!

Well, I like weightlifting…drumroll for the one liner.

I’m a big sports fan and I am looking forward to experiencing a school with a real basketball program. I did my undergrad at UCSB-the girls are beautiful, the beaches are great and the weather is nice, but the sports program just isn’t there.

Outdoor stuff I like to hunt and fish but haven’t done either in a few years.

I think the bulk of my bar years are behind me as I am going to try and stay focused on school.

Mainly I am just interested in hearing what the overall impression is, anything that a kid fresh off the boat from California should be aware of.

Any comments or tips about moving across the country are welcome too.

Don’t know much about the Winston-Salem area. Overall I have to say NC is a pretty nice state. I’ve only been here a year and a half, so I’m definitly not knowledgable about all there is to do and see.