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So Summer's Winding Down


i dont know about where you guys are at, but over here the signs of fall approaching are pretty clear. last few days its been a bit more chilly, cloudy etc. and you can just sorta feel it approaching.

the downside, no more beaches and oogling girls barely dressed walking through the city streets. schools starting again...ugh fucking math, and the weather is about to get a whole lot crazier.

but enough with the negative shit cause theres nothing we can do about it, but on a look to the bright side the cooler weather has increased my appetite a lot and im looking forward to increases in size and lifts thats gonna bring.

also even though school sucks for the whole homework and essays part, its gonna be a good oppurtunity to go back and meet new people, especially girls. unfortunately though theres no frats at community college
=(. i also have a new job to look forward to and im sure theres a whole lot more in store.


I'm still in summer mode out here on Long Island. it's almost 90 degrees out right now. Hot beach weather just about everyday. There is still an abundance of girls and partying.

The only sign of fall is the fact that a lot of my friends are starting to have there "going away parties." Out of my group of friends, only me and my bro Bill are staying home and going to community college.

Im looking forward to getting very serious with my training once the summer ends. Girls and booze have taken its toll and I know I'd be farther off without it(the booze). But what's the point of life if you don't live alittle.


Where are you from on L.I Austin?


I PMed you bro, let me know if you got it.


Yup - got it.


Psh, summer winding down? Mine's gonna start next week! Damn summer classes...


It had been particularly cool the last few days and the night time swimming has been freezing lately.

Fall is my favorite season, the weather, the trees, football, I always get my best training in during that time.

Only thing that sucks about it is the new england winter that comes after.


summer may be winding down, but that means the greatest season is upon us. Football season :smiley:


I'm from London, England.

We only get winter, and if we're lucky, less winter.



I'm from Wellington NZ, we get wind and sometimes more wind.


I'm in the Bronx and we either get stabbed or less stabbed. Had to keep the trend going.

Temperature wise it is warm and quite pleasant. No sign of fall except for the back to school sales going on.


I'm from Canada and we use the word "winter" to mean something a whole lot different.


sucks for you, but we get some pretty cold winters in New York. Especially if you experience the outdoors like myself by doing activities such as hunting and camping.


Texas gets Summer. We don't actually ever get less summer than Summer, though. Growing up, I had an 80 degree Christmas one year (which was unusual, but still happened).


Shoot, guys. Summer is just starting. Got over 100 degrees today.


lol@ you thinking you have a winter. when it snows in july, april, or you have lightning+blizzards at the same time then you can say you have a winter.


It's permanently summer time in West LA, here's a reliable weather forecast for the entire year:

Clear and sunny skies, 75 degrees, with a couple days of 1/4" rain where everyone panics...


Im all for it, as a man with a strong sweat response, i look forwards to not having to shower 2/3 times day


Ya summer isnt over here till after Halloween bye that time every ones has to start going to class


We just moved from Maine down to Maryland..in a weird way I think I will miss the sub zero temps. HAHA!