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So Strong the Weights Can't Keep Up



some of my workouts rely heavily on machines like back day, with the cable lat pulldown machine or cable row that im sure most of you are familiar with. Those machines only go up to 260lbs and if you get those little rubber 5lb weights you can maybe add on another 40lbs. but what kinda stuff do you do after that, one arm stuff on the same machines?

even dumbbells in my gym only go up to 150 and thats higher than i seen a lot of gyms go.

hammer strength machines are an option, but i feel the ones for back exercises are cheap. i can pack on like 300+ on those for sets of 10 like its nothing.

wieghted pull ups are an option that you could never run out of weights on but i wouldn't want to make an entire workout out of pullups because i feel like rows help hit the traps and rear shoulder better.

ha its like gyms these days dont expect people to ever get that strong.


You're doing 300lbs on the lat pulldown with strict form?


Pullups, barbell rows, tbar rows?

Stricter form?


This just means your at level 99 and no longer have to workout anymore.


Beat the Big Boss.

Game Over.



Now you start a NEW GAME+, with an added challenge of using free weights.


maybe your head is too small for your body?


lol i figured a bunch of would just make fun of me ha but i went against my better judgement.

my back just a part of me that is easy for me to build strength, unlike my chest which is my weak point for my upper body i can only hit 250lbs for a set of 10 on flat barbell bench.


You want a serious answer? Its your form. Is it? Yes, it is. Regardless of what you say and/or attempt to justify, it IS you form, whether that be weak range, momentum, flailing wildly back n forth on reps, or a combination of it all. Solutions- Slow your movement down, Pinch contractions at pinnacle, stop at completely at top on bottom, focus on eccentrics, ensure you arent swaying, etc etc.


exactly. try squeezing and holding a peak contraction and I doubt you'll be using the entire stack. might even be humbling.


ha i guess my post did sound kinda cocky or kinda arrogant ill definitely give it a shot and pay more attention to form


Yeah. The pros are all a shit load stronger than you but seem to get good back workouts using machines.


do 1-handed BB rows instead of DBs


As Lil Flip would say



Do a search for something called a DEADLIFT


You make that sound like an unatainable feat of strength


I'm sure you're not as strong as you think....maxing out a pulley machine or cable row doesn't mean you're too strong for the gym.

Hammer Strength machines aren't cheap, use them.

Do you max out the bar on Deadlifts or rows because no new 45s fit?

Most HS row machines can hold up to and sometimes more than 6 pps...

Keep training.


Work on squeezing the contraction, do more barbell work. It's not like you can max out on BB rowing or deads or rack deads or shrugs. Do bb movements first and your machine ones last. Stuff like that man unless you wanna buy new machines for your gym


increase your time under tension.
go yates style and hold your contractions n then go even slower on eccentric.
all the best big man


Use form that doesn't suck.

Use free weights.

Actually focus on feelig the intended muscles doing the work.

The sad part is, I highly doubt you have an impressive looking back, and that right there should make it clear you're doing something wrong. Maybe you posting this here and getting a reality check is just what you need to improve though. Check your ego, down the weights, and do more barbell rows.