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So, Strip Body Fat, Then Bulk?

Looking to get my six-pack! Get it first then bulk, keeping it?

After the six pack, i want about 20 lbs of muscle. Sounds easy…

Is this backwards? SHould bulk, then get pack?

Generally, it’s get bigger, and then rip it all up.

We could use some more info on you. Basics: height, weight, training age (how long you’ve been lifting), current bodyfat (either a percentage, if you’ve had it measured, or a description ‘chubby, somewhat husky, or already lean and ripped’)

I will let you know that: [quote]Get it first then bulk, keeping it?[/quote] doesn’t really happen. It’s one or the other. Give and take. Sacrifice/compromise/prioritize.

Winter’s coming (for you too I assume). Bulk now.

Or just bulk for a couple years.

most people will not recommend that you cut if you are already “skinny”. Think 5’10" and under 165 pounds or so… hell, even 180 sometimes. If you CUT to 180 (my current goal) you should look alright at sub-10% bodyfat. However, starting at 180 and cutting to 160 or so you will just look really skinny.