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So Sore It Feels Like My Lats Will Snap


I hadn't lifted much in a while, and I had been easing into it to avoid something like this, but Friday I did the first day of Bad Boy Training, 8 sets of 3s, and I thought I took it easy, and had succeeded, becuase I've been fine all day. Today I did day 2, with legs. I went to bed about 10:45pm, wore out. I fell asleep.

I can't stay asleep, however, because whenever my body trys to turn in its sleep it is excruciating and I wake up. I can't raise my arms toward my head because my lats are so sore, it feels like my arms will snap the fuck off. It was like this earlier today. Why did it get so sore 2 nights after? I'm going to take a hot shower and stretch my arms, SLOWLY, toward the above the head position.


Heh, that's why it's called DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

Anyway, usually muscle soreness is worse somewhere around one and a half days afterwards.

Any "new" lift has the potential to beat the crap out of something relatively neglected and make you regret it.

Just figured I'd throw all that out there since this is the beginners forum.


My lats are extremely tight. I can work my arms above my head (though hardly behind), but after 15 minutes it's back to rigor mortis.

Will I need to be especially careful with my arms? Should I abstain from any exercise until the tightness has gone and I have ROM back, or should I be sure to increase blood flow with pushups to quicken recovery?

This is such a noob thing to do. I did the same thing several years ago, walking around for days with my elbows bent 45 degrees, and it ultimately "scared" me from committing to lifting afterwards. I think this sort of behavior, not applying oneself and then being gung-ho for a day, is self sabatoging. I thought I had avoided it this time, easing in, but there were just enough remnants of that old habit. It was the semi-supinated pull ups that did me in, otherwise the pain would be easily managable.

Don't pity this noob, but, uh, could somebody comfort me by telling me everything will be ok?


Hey there. Yes, you should be fine unless the pain persists for more than a few days, or does not lessen. I have done the same thing on several occasions. Most notably with EDT style training; EDT had me getting help to put on shirts :slight_smile:




I would suggest stretching alot. and yes soreness after that workout is normal. Just stay at it.


Make sure you are plenty hydrated.
Try a hot bath, soaking in it up to your neck; throw in some epsom salts.