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So She is a Half He-She



Internal Testes folks, Can't say I'm surprised. I feel bad, her (his) life just went from real good to real fucked up.



OMG, that poor girl. Finding out that you're a hermaphrodite would be hard enough but to be outed to the whole world. I feel for her, I hope she's doing ok.


The way this whole issue has been handled is dispicable! Hope most of these media bastards and useless officials get their asses suided for plently


Well at least this explains her last name.

Bad jokes aside,I think its good that people are not looking at her as some cheater...but what happens next with her career?


She's pulled out of her race this weekend and apparently gone into hiding


And they actually publicize it? not considering the psychological trauma this person is facing with this news....people are so fucking low

the chance to sell a story, i fucking hate money....more than money, i hate people who love it


Very strange condition.
Has anyone even heard of this condition before...?


Semenya is quick enough run as a man. Honestly, I doubt there are more than a handful of 18-year old guys running 1:55 800m.


This is a lose lose. not fair to her or not fair to other competitors. choose one.


I wonder what they will do in letting her compete. It's not like she cheated, her family didn't know about her condition until recently.


Not that I'm saying she should,but surgery to remove the internal testes would be an option...i guess.



This whole situation sucks it big time.


This is a pic of the current 800m world record holder for woman, Jarmila Kratochvilova. Now who looks like more of a man to you?


Maybe in the future, yes.

But she ran and won without any knowledge of this, I think it would be unfair to take away her medal.


Good point.


From what I understand she'll be allowed to keep the medal and her winnings because she didn't cheat, but nothing at this point has been confirmed. The actual test results haven't been officialy released either


They have already allowed feminized men to compete in women's division. That makes this issue a little hairier, no pun intended.


This is why they should not ban AAS but find better ways of testing. This was a race to find the smoking gun as to why this woman's hormones were the way they were. In other words the hunt for the smoking needle. And the confirmation she was a cheat. So all the other cry baby countries can feel better about themselves.

I think that before all races blood tests are ran by a body governed by the sport itself. If your levels fall in a range you should not be in then you ass gets pulled before the race. This way she would have never made it to this level. And a PRIVATE investigation would have reveled the hormone in balance. You would find it common for people to be pulled last min for levels being slightly off the norm. And her issues with internal testes would be secret and she could have them removed. And then she could race again after passing blood testing.
No harm no foul.


While that would have been a better way to handle the situation, the girl still would have been pulled from the race without doing anything wrong. I agree with someone above, this is a lose/lose situation.


Holy shit, Jarms still has the record? That should be a red flag right there. That record must be 25 years old.