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So Once On TRT Is There No Going Back?


Just like the average guy here who found out he has low testosterone, my doctor instantly perscribed me 5mg Androgel. Worked for a couple of day than stopped. Then he gave me 5mg Androgerdem, didnt feel anything this time, now on Shots and not feeling anything but worse. So now after doing research I found out that I am secondary hypogondism. An I want to try the HCG challege, but I keep hearing once on TRT its for life and impossible. Can anyone clarify this? If so please tell me an adequate Restart protocol.


yes, HRT is basically for life and few have success with restarts, but some have success with clomid or tripe-something.

not sure what the HCG challenge you are referring to.


Can you explain more? How is it that steroid users are easily able to get the natural production after a cycle then?


Ram: What I think you are looking for is basically a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) that weightlifters who use AAS use to cycle off the juice...this is done by one of two methods:

  1. Test Taper - Decrease your dose of T by about 15-20% every week. I think this lasts for up to 6 weeks. It allows your Pituitary to gradually wake up and begin producing LH/FSH again to stimulate the testes.
  2. SERM - Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) such as Clomid/Nolvadex bind to your estrogen receptors and cause your pituitary to release more LH/FSH in response. I think this treatment lasts 4 weeks, but can't begin until the longest ester of Test is out of your system.

You can find more about both of these methods in the stickeys at the top of the Steroids subforum on this site. Given your situation with poor LH/FSH production in the past, I would probably pursue the second, more aggressive option.

I have a couple questions, as your case is in different threads:
-How did you determine that you were secondary?
-Why have you not found a doctor to help you with this?

Regardless, if you want to try one of these methods, please report back--I'm curious to see how your restart goes as we haven't had a lot of follow up from people doing one of these protocols.

Beware that even if the SERMs get you producing again, it may be temporary (once you are off). It's possible your pituitary will "wake up" and realize it hadn't been doing its job properly, but most likely is that you will find out it just doesn't produce enough LH/FSH to get the job done. HCG monotherapy may be appropriate for such a situation, but that's an area that I am not very familiar with at all.


I've been talking to Ksman about my situation and he determined from my blood work that I am secondary. Also I seen a urologist who is a mornon, so right now I am in the process of finding a good doctor.


Most steroid users are eugonadal (testis, pituitary, and hypothalamus function fine) before they start their cycle, and their cycles usually are not enough of an insult to significantly damage the HPG axis. Thus, they are able to restimulate the HPG axis after a steroid cycle. It should be cautioned though that steroid abuse does cause insult to the HPG axis, and a number of steroid abusers will become hypogonadal at some point.

If you have been diagnosed with hypogonadism, your HPG axis is dysfunctional, and the PCT that steroid abusers use to restart the HPG axis will generally only temporarily restart it, until the stimulus (PCT) is removed.

It should also be noted that the NEJM article that showed successful "restarts" of hypgonadal men was able to bring half of the men with test levels of 20-100 ng/dL to levels around 300-400 ng/dL. The other half of men had their test levels raised, but the levels remained below 300 ng/dL.

Most men will find better relief of symptoms through a carefully designed TRT program, which at the present time needs to be utilized for life.


Hey I was on TRT for a little over 2yrs and had nothing but problems with it due to side effects. The only reason I began the treatment was due to having 0 libido after abusing roids in the past. Even a normal PCT gave me sides. I have found an over the counter product and have been using it for 2wks now and so far I'm loving it. My libido is up to where it was while I was on TRT but without the sides. It has many great reviews from others as well.
Check it out. I will have labs in about 3wks to show results.


Not a fan of OTC drugs but I'm curious, whats the name of this?