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So My BJJ Gym Now Has Crossfit...


...for an extra $70 a month, and they removed half a mat to make room...

I'm not very happy about this.

I thought I'd share.


Crossfit is good GPP... but fuck if they cut out your mat space that's some bullshit

or as senator clay davis would say:



So Xen I saw a movie trailer the other day where Clay Davis is playing some dude, and he stops an altercation by telling them that he's a gangsta....

and then he reaches into his coat pocket and says, "And I keeps one in the chamber in case you ponderin."

later in the trailer he says that he does a mean Omar impersonation.

Whatever movie it was its fucking sweet and I'm gonna see it.


Irish your talking about the cedar rapids trailer...

if they bring crossfit bitches its ok.
If they take up a ton of matspace its bullshit.


True, that's it

Gotta agreee. The Pussy-to-mat-space ratio must be correct if you're to stay there.


We have Crossfit guy that's kind of partnered with our school. He trains muay thai with us....and he helps train some of our fighters.

I think it's a pretty good deal....since he has his equipment at the school...and doesn't take up much space.

Yes,he brings crossfit bitches as well...lol.


I feel like if it were part of the package, it'd be cool, but paying extra to it, while losing a bunch of space, is just a loss for those of us who aren't picking it up. It's weird because they're not really "partnered" it's more the crossfit guy is renting space. I'm also a little perturbed because like a year ago I suggested a similar (though more effective) weight and conditioning oriented class that I could do...

There are some crossfit bitches, but at this point it's mostly the mothers of the little kids (kid's class is about the same time), and the out-of-shape older guys, at least at the evening classes.


Yeah, gyms are businesses but it sucks hard when the sideline stuff starts to interfere with what it's really supposed to be about (cardio kickboxing anyone?). It's also a piss off when they add something you neither want nor use and then jack up the rates to cover it. Training can be expensive enough as it is. I'm sure it's a tough buisness to make it in but it is frustrating sometimes.


Totally understood. He doesn't charge our students/fighters....as he trains for free with us. He gets his dues from those who either sign up for just the Crossfit and those who were already under him before he moved in.

I don't know how long it's going to last...but its pretty good deal as of now.


Crossfit? Short for Crossfight? I dont get it


thats BS OP

not all girls that do crossfit are crossfit girls

BJJ > crossfit


Yeah. We'll see how it lasts. The first month crossfit is free: we'll see how well it keeps up when it's an extra $70 or $90 a month (I've heard it will be about that).


Taking out mats so they can train Crossfit. I thought Crossfitter were tough and could do it outside. As for Clay Davis clips they are from the series The Wire.


ghey, burn that mother down