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So Much to Buy, So Many Opinions


Hey guys, I have been recently diag with t level of 302 and I am 35yo. I think I have always been low. Now that I am seeing slight results from androgel, then more with test e @ 300mg/wk, where do I go from here. I want to build bigger muscles for strength and looks as well. I also want to lose some fat. I look like just an avg big and tall guy. But average will only go down as I get older.

Ok, I have taken test e, now take estrogen blockers from gnc, also saw palmeto and water reduction pills. I dont have tons of money but I do want a basic somewhat safe cycle to do. Protect my frank and beans and dont want female tits. I need some basic guidelines. I want to increase test level and increase the test e more than 300 but not to unsafe amt. Help me out.


Look at the basic cycle suggestion in one of the stickies at the top of the steroid forum.


Hey cheese,
Any other numbers from your blood work? LH/FSH, TSH, Estrogen test or anything else?
So you want to optimize your T shots, and optimize your body as well?
I suggest you everything by KSman here at T-Nation. He is one of the best hormone gurus we have. Not to say he is the only guy that is trustworthy, I’m just saying he can be trusted without question.


I agree for the purposes of TRT info and general lifestyle drug use - it would most definitely be KSman i went to.

OP, Are you on 300mg/wk of test prescribed by a doctor now then?
Are you wanting a cycle or TRT info?
You need to research ‘aromatase inhibitors’ as anything from GNC is insufficient for your needs.