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So much for the veil...

ORLANDO, Fla. - A Florida judge ruled Friday that a Muslim woman cannot wear a veil in her driver’s license photo.

Prosecutors had argued that allowing people to cover all but their eyes in their ID pictures could allow potential terrorists to hide their identities.

After hearing three days of testimony last week, Circuit Judge Janet C. Thorpe ruled that the state has a compelling interest in protecting the public, and that having photo identification was essential to that interest.

Thorpe also said Sultaana Freeman’s right to free exercise of religion would not be infringed by having to show her face on her license.

Freeman, 35, had obtained a license that showed her veiled with only her eyes visible through a slit. But the state revoked the license in 2001 when she refused to have her photo retaken with her face uncovered, a demand made after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Freeman sued the state of Florida, saying it would violate her Islamic beliefs to show her face publicly.

Assistant Attorney General Jason Vail argued that Islamic law has exceptions that allow women to expose their faces if it serves a public good, and that arrangements could be made to have Freeman photographed with only women present to allay her concerns about modesty

Had they ruled the other way I would’ve had my next DL picture taken wearing cowboy hat and kerchief, headphones and sunglasses as required by my religion.

Good for them!! I would have flipped had they ruled in her favor!

Warhorse - Nice! I think I would wear my GB Packers helmet for my next DL picture, due to my religion!!

I’d have covered my face with a luscious fitness chick…as my religion decrees.

Common sense will prevail. I just love USA!

I always wear a different President of the United States mask each time I take driver’s license pictures. Next picture, I will be clothed in my Merlin outfit with United States=Good Guys emblazoned over the bridge of my nose. I will be sure to stay up for four days before so my eyes glow red.

Next time I get my picture taken, I’m going to have it done while pissed drunk. That way, no matter what state I’m in, I’ll always look to be in better shape than in my ID picture.