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So Much for My Cycle

Thanks for advice on my last thread, unfortunately it may be for nothing apparently. Was going to order from my source today, after doing a quick check on him before I ordered (I’ve used him before but you never know when things could change), and unfortunately bad news turned up.

So unless I find another domestic, which is difficult to do obviously, I’m out of luck. So I’ve got 10 grams Test E, 1 gram Tren Ace, 1 gram Tbol, 430mg Winny, 300mg Anavar, and 400mg Anadrol.

So any suggestions on what you would do in my place? I’m thinking about simply going ahead with my cycle without the Deca, and increasing Test E slightly. My full cycle would have used 6.88 grams Test E total.

I could get away with up to 750mg a week with my supply, and still be able to do the same taper. Of course, that still leaves my supply of Tbol a week short, unless I reduce the dose, or add another substance.

It seems that it’s either that, or just hold off on the cycle until I get another source, if I ever manage to. I love my government. Anyway, I apologize if my posts are an annoyance, but I think it’s an understatement to say I’m a little annoyed by the whole situation.

You’ve got enough chemicals there to start a research factory in your body. I think you can certainly do without the Deca.

Are those mostly orals in the last part, or are you using Winny suspension?

you need a role model


The winny is in tabs.

I am lucky to have aquired a few of those from a friend. Unfortionately he used the same source as me.