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So much dairy....?

Hey guys I need some opinions. I’m 5’8" at about 145 and 6%bf. I comsume anywhere from 3,500 to 4,000 cals a day with a great deal of it being dairy. within 6 hrs of a workout I ussually take in about 2,000 calories from milk, yogurt, cheese, ect. Now it is absolutley immpossible for me to gain any fat whatsoever with my motabolism on overdrive like it is, so this dairy is an excellent way for me to get protien and cal intake. My question is, is it really healthy to consume this much dairy? If I’m going to drink this much should i find some raw milk? Like I said gaining fat isn’t an issue, just curious as to if there is any serious downsides to this???

Firstly, When I was 145 pounds i was eating heaps of diary and i had a metabolism like a thousand horses.

Get rid of the diary shit! Fat free cheese is good. Milk is just a product for increasing conjestion in breathing and decreasing sport performance.It never helped me put any muscle on , only made me feel bad.

My tips are consume 3 scoops of surge after training.

Following all john Berardi’s diet and programme tips. read, Read ,Read all of Charles Poliquin’s and Ian Kings articles on strength training these are the 3 people that have helped me the most.

How old are you? What type of build do your parents have? How much training do you do? Could it be too much?

If you trust epidemiolgical studies, there appears to be a link between raw dairy consumption and shorter lifespans. Interestingly enough, the consumption of fermented dairy products, such as cheese and yogurt were linked to longer lives. Epidemiological studies can be unreliable, so take that for what you want it to mean. As for me, I don’t drink much milk due to lactose intolerance.

I wouldn’t go raw. I would switch from milk and cheeses to fatfree cottage cheese, fat free yogurt, flax oil, protein powder and skim milk. Blend it all together and have at it. Croooz

Depending on who you believe, raw milk is a godsend or the devil incarnate. Personally, I think that the less processing you do to any food the better it is. If you want to drink a lot of milk then it can’t hurt to try Raw and see how you do on it.

Milk should be a ‘treat’, not a staple of your diet. Tell me of a single animal that drinks milk after it’s been weaned. Only humans. It also causes your body to produce too much mucus. Cheese and yogurt are ok, but in moderation. The dairy industry has no interst in doing your body good…just selling milk. -Alex

If you’re trying to get in tons of calories and have no worries about fat, you may want to try drinking coconut milk. It’s extremely calorically dense and can help with weight gain… and it’s not dairy. Just a thought.

Isnt whey protein an extract of dairy products such as milk? Then wouldn’t protein shakes cause you to produce more mucus as well? Just curious.

Good observation Paul. I’m not sure if it’s the protein, fat, lactose, or hormones in the milk that causes an increase in snot production. I would guess it’s something other than the protein because I usually make my shakes with water (as per the instructions) and don’t experience congestion. I had a glass of milk last night and I was hoarking loogies all through my run today…doh! --Alex

do what you got to do to get some more meat on your bones. a gallon of milk a day is effective. you might consider changing up once you get closer to a bodyweight you like.

I have seen a HUGE redution in all asthma symptoms and in mucus production when I eliminated all casein from my diet. It was a totally unexpected result. I had already given up milk and saw some improvement but I resisted the concept of an casein allergy as long as I could.

There’s a ton of info on the net about this, although some is on questionable sites. Use your judgement hability to discern between them.

Diet is a very individual process so i’d say if your retaining extra bodyfat, having skin or mucas problems or problems in the bathroom quit the dairy. If you have none of these problems I don’t see any reason for you to quit diary if you need to gain weight, just try to vary your protein sources more via meat, eggs etc to get the best of both worlds.

Nope, no snot, no asthma, no probs in the bathroom. Absolutley trouble free. Jay - my pops is the same, vary slim and trim. I’ve actually gained 8 pounds of lean muscle in the past 10 months. It may not sound like a lot but when you weighed 135 pounds, 8 pounds of pure muscle is a BIG difference. If i am training so hard as to prevent the fat build up but not sacrafice any muscle then i would recomend it to anyone, I love my six pack! I give alot of credit to milk. Say what you will about my milk but in my opinion it’s a miracle drink.

everyone seems focused on how fattning milk is. . . does this apply as well to skim milk? does milk have some hormone that specifically makes it more fattning per calorie then other substances? thank you

Studies show milk (and dairy products in general) have fat loss properties, probably due to the calcium. As for animals not drinking milk after they’re weaned, although that’s true, it’s also irrelevant. How many animals do you know that ingest whey protein shakes after their weaned? Uh, none. If you want to go with a natural diet, then give up the bodybuilding lifestyle and eat lots of fruits, nuts, veggies, and a little bit of meat. You’ll be small, but at least you’ll be closely emulating the diet of our ancestors, which should theoretically have positive health benefits.

Give up the bodybuilding lifestyle? Maybe by some standards. If milk (and milk proteins)doesn’t affect your performance, then drink it. I will not have it as a staple of my diet.

Restless, did you eliminate whey proteins as well as the casein? I think I may be also allergic to casein, but like you, I have been fighting the idea for a long time. I would like to continue supplementing with at least whey protein shakes however, is there a link to casein? Thanks.

Paul, the only way to know is to cut on both and after a while reintroduce whey back and see what happens. Usually, the allergen is casein not whey. I have been using whey 3 X week, 100 gr each day with no aggravation of my asthma, the problem is, I also started ephedrine which might counteract any worstening caused by whey so I’m not sure. For now I’ll keep going like this as things are better than they have been in years