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So Many Stupid People!

This kid did EXACTLY what he was supposed to do and his mother died as a result of a dumb ass 911 dispatcher. I commend the kid. I hope the stupid ass 911 dispatcher rotts in hell! Its so sad that something like this had to happen. Poor kid. :frowning:


Poor kid indeed. He now lost his mother due to someone not doing their job. I have a feeling he’s going to see a great payday, (not that that makes it at all worth it).

Yep. Just another black eye for the D.
Not to mention the ridiculous amount of money that Fieger will get from the city.

This kid should be set for life. nobody especially a six y.o., should have to watch a loved one die in front of them because somebody didnt do their job.

very sad

I have a 6 yr old. That freaks me out.

The lack of respect ppl have for children absolutely astounds me. Just because they’re shorter than you doesn’t mean they’re less of a person or stupid. That pisses me off.

I knew someone several years ago whose 2 yr old at the time got ahold of the phone and pushed a bunch of numbers. 911 were her first digits. The police were sent to her home immediately. Why couldn’t this happen for that little boy and his mom?