So Many Restarts

Is it just me or does it seem like there are more and more people trying to restart or even have a go with Clomid monotherapy? Myself included.

So what is going on? Too many people like myself that had all the symptoms and went on thinking it was the fix when it turned out to be something else causing it? Too many looking for a quick fix for poor lifestyle choices? Don’t know

Perhaps some guru on here needs to make a new stickie…things to try before TRT, what you are getting into, other treatment options, etc.

Just a thought to maybe head off all the restart posts like mine haha. Have a great weekend.

A lot of people get on TRT these days with T levels that are not that low, due to doctors who are liberal in their interpretation of the guidelines as well as overmarketing of TRT. There is a study or two showing that on average people who started off with total T around 400 ng/dL or higher don’t really notice a difference from TRT. There are always exceptions but the ones who notice a difference tend to be the guys who are frankly low, below 300 ng/dL or so.

I went on with levels around 420. My Free T was near the top of the range. But because I had every symptom of low T, my doctor agreed it would be worth a shot. If only someone (including myself) had realized it was from anti-anxiety med use and not regularly exercising it could have saved me from now attempting a restart or possibly being stuck on it. And I fit into that category - I didn’t feel a benefit from being on.

You know I read a good post by someone talking about the low T levels that are rampant and rather than being a sign of some epidemic, it is a sign of our lifestyles. The body tends to produce what it needs, and if we allow ourselves to turn into over stressed couch potatoes, desk workers, wimpy yes-men, and only have sex once a month or less - then our bodies know we don’t need all that Testosterone (like putting racing fuel in a Pontiac). However, if we make lifestyle changes and don’t expect overnight results, our bodies will respond (exceptions apply of course) in time with an increase in Testosterone to meet the new demands.

Another note,

I believe and this is just my opinion, A good portion of men with low T may be linked to the chemicals that our foods are processed with, the additives in our drinking water, Herbicides used on our food in the field, The vaccines that our cattle receive.

Nothing is natural anymore. Everything has been modified.

Maybe our government wants all men to have Low T levels so we all can become their puppets.

Again, I have ZERO research to back this up… my opinion only.