So Many Newbie Questions, So Little Time

So I’ve been trying to get in shape and correct a few issues. Not little issues, big freakin’ issues. I am overweight with Type II Diabetes and everything that comes with that. I’ve tried to educate myself on the disease and what I need to do to mitigate it and there is a lot of different info out there. A guy at the gym told me to check out t-nation for info, which I did, and now I’m confused.

The overriding consensus with diabetes forums is that Keto, or simply low carb healthy high fat is the way to go. A few doctors have clinics and books that reinforce that diet philosophy. Their arguments make sense in that you want to restrict that which is making the disease worse.

My questions are numerous, but I’ll start with a few:
If my goal is to build muscle and lose fat, can I do that on an LCHF diet?
What might be a good weight lifting workout for a guy in my situation?
If the first question is no, then what kind of diet would work?

The LCHF diet has provided tremendous improvement in my blood glucose levels. Mind blowing really. But I’m willing to entertain other options

Thanks for any responses!!

It depends whether you subscribe to the generally accepted macro split of keto. 20% protein, as is called for in most keto diets, in my opinion, is insufficient for building muscle. Just regular low-carb, with high protein and fat, is much better for muscle building purposes. Some will say that the protein percentage and gluconeogenesis stuff is hogwash and that you can still be in ketosis with high protein. I’m not arguing either way on that, just that 20% protein isn’t enough.

For training try this…

Diet, try this…

I was thinking about the 100 gram diet.
Seems to be a very simple / effective and perfect for this guy.

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Thank you for the response. I agree that the amount of protein in Keto plans seems low. I have kept my protein higher as a result. The key for me is to get my carbs from above ground vegetables and work to eliminate sugar as much as possible.