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So Many LIberals, So Few Elections


The thought occurred to me, as I read through the titles of the current threads, that if there are so many liberals espousing so much liberal propaganda -- why can't you people win any elections? .

Did you ever stop and think about it? If the liberal position was the "correct" position, why are you a minority everwhere? You are a minority in the House of Representatives, the Senate, the President, and now even the Supreme Court! You are even hold a minority of the state governorships! What happened?

I assert the following to give plausible reasons for this phenomenon:

(1) The once noble Democratic party -- the party of Truman and patriotic Americans like him -- has been hijacked by the ultra-left wing liberals, who are more like SOCIALISTS -- wait -- YOU ARE socialists -- than traditional democracy-loving patriots.

(2) The Democratic Party is full of loud, screaming individuals like Al Gore and Hillary Clinton who:

      a) always blame America first!
      b) are constantly telling us how bad our country is.
      c) are more interested in providing handouts to people who would rather not work than performing the government's constitutional job of protecting us.

(3) You guys cozy up to terrorists -- take Cindy Sheehan and her "love fest" with the Venezuela dictator. Why hasn't any of your "top dogs" condemned this?

(4) The Democratic Party is chock full of Bible haters. Sorry to inform you of this, but the vast majority of Americans like the Bible -- at least they respect it! You win no friends here by making a mockery of God's Word or God Himself. The fact is that most of America -- except the way out of the mainstream liberal coasts -- is religiously conservative.

(5) The Democratic Party has become a far-left liberal monolith ? can you imagine a major "pro-life" Democratic candidate? You cannot, because it cannot happen. There is room only for one view when it comes to abortion and a whole host of other issues in the Democratic Party. At the same time (even though I agree with the pro-life position) the Republican Party has many major candidates that have the "other" view on this and other issues.

I could say more, but suffice it to say that America has rejected liberalism and has rejected the Democratic Party. Sure you guys are huge in New York, California, Washington, Oregon and a few other ultra-left wing places. However the vast majority of America holds conservative and traditional values and the fact is you cannot win elections without these regions.

So libs -- keep up the good work! You will only ensure the further demise of your party, the further erosion of your once iron grip on power, and hopefully the continued diluting of your political influence.

Someone on another thread actually made the idiotic point that "America is not a democracy." Well, it is a democracy, and the people have rejected your liberal, America-hating positions.

Let the left-wing wacko flaming begin!


I agree with you: there are truly very few intelligent, moderate liberals left. I loved Clinton, I love Edwards, I loved the progressive nature of the Roosevelts. And although I disagree with fundemental fiscal conservatism, I have a lot of respect for men like Reagan, and other intelligent conservatives.

But the situation today is an interesting one. The average liberal is a wackjob, and the average conservative is an inbred redneck with an IQ of 60. It's just that there are more of the latter in America than the former, and frankly I'd rather have an intelligent republican in office than a nutty liberal.

I have nothing against republicans, despite disagreeing with their fiscal beliefs. I do have something against morons though, and it just so happens that our current republican president is a godamned retard.

I'm voting Edwards if he makes it next election. Not because he's a Democrat, but because he's an intelligent man who understands temperance, and with whom I agree on fiscal issues.



  1. A psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence.

  2. An obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions.

Study of Bush's psyche touches a nerve
The Guardian
August 13, 2003
A study funded by the US government has concluded that conservatism can be explained psychologically as a set of neuroses rooted in "fear and aggression, dogmatism and the intolerance of ambiguity".

As if that was not enough to get Republican blood boiling, the report's four authors linked Hitler, Mussolini, Ronald Reagan and the rightwing talkshow host, Rush Limbaugh, arguing they all suffered from the same affliction.

All of them "preached a return to an idealised past and condoned inequality".

"This intolerance of ambiguity can lead people to cling to the familiar, to arrive at premature conclusions, and to impose simplistic cliches and stereotypes," the authors argue in the Psychological Bulletin.



Wow, you must really hate Israel then....

U.S. Nixes Israel-Venezuela Arms Deal
Tensions Remain From Canceled Sales to China
October 28, 2005
With Israel still reeling from a prolonged dispute with the White House over military cooperation with China, the Bush administration is forcing Jerusalem to freeze a major contract to upgrade Venezuela's American-manufactured F-16 fighter jets.

For Israeli defense industry officials, the decision to block Israel's deal with Venezuela is especially irksome because of Washington and Beijing's recent rapprochement on military issues.

Also, disagreeing with megalomanics doesn't make one a liberal.


Oh, right -- "Just The Facts" is correct that Bush stole the election, while the Supreme Court of the U.S. was wrong in ruling that BUSH WON!

Get over it you lib!

Actually, I support Israel without question. However, my support for Israel and love for the Jewish people doesn't have anything to with the U.S. government not wanting an American hating dictator to have certain weapons in this hemisphere.

You are a hypocrite and you know it -- if the deal went through and something bad happend becuase of it, you and your ilk would be once again bashing Bush for it.

You liberals really aren't smart -- perhaps that why people don't vote for you anymore.

You should move to Canada -- Pookie tells me that the libs win there all the time...........

Also, disagreeing with megalomanics doesn't make one a liberal.


Becuase, Gore won the popular election, and the government decided it didn't matter, and put Bush in office anyways. And then a bunch of people that had NEVER SERVED with John Kerry creat swift boat veterans for truth, and spread republican propoganda. And its also kinda funny, sometimes us Liberals tend to be working class, sometimes not very well informed about the politic system, so we don't get as great of an oppurtunity to vote. I think some of the problem might be that there are a greater number of liberals in the enlisted portion of the armed forces, who are busy fighting the iraqi war. Also, our leaders don't have the personal magnetism of people like the gipper, a former actor, and george w. bush, son of a wealthy texas oil man. Kinda sucks you know. Who wants to have a decorated vetran for President?
Clinton was a draft dodger. Bush had trouble finding records to prove that he served. hmm. Al Gore was over there, wether or not he was an actual combat solider, or a press puke.
Plus, I think we are changing into conservatives.

I love knowing that my leader authorizes wiretaps that the supreme court says no too. Or even better, that we are still looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq still. I bet there in somebodies refrigerator, we just haven't found them yet. That osama bin laden feller is probably hiding in some liberals closet, reading one of those nasty democratic hustler magazines. I love it when the second in command shoots old people in the face! Good times for all right there! I sure hope that congress reconsiders that port deal, I love to think of other countries being in control of American soil. Bush seems to think that is a good idea too!
I especially love to hear about Americans losing jobs while our buddy bush tries to send as many jobs overseas as possible. And the shit that happened in Lousianna? those people were liberals, so it was ok!


We know you do.


Shit. There seems to be a whole new generation of morons who don't understand the electoral college.

WTF? Do you think uninformed people SHOULD vote?

A) Liberals in the military? HA!
B) The military can vote absentee.

When did the Supreme Court rule against wire-tapping people speaking with terrorists? I must have missed that.

You know Clinton was on the UAE payroll and was working FOR the deal, right?

If those people were conservatives, they would have taken care of themselves, instead of waiting for the government to save them.

Edit: I'm just being pissy with the last part.


I don't understand this mentality. Do you honestly think everyone in the military is "conservative"? MANY of these people are from low income households and the military is much to them like a JOB. It is a career, not some pledge of political bias. In your mind, conservatives are all doing the fighting? Do you know how many times politics comes up at work? Not at all. Not once has anyone questioned, challenged, or even discussed political stance in the years I have been in the military. In fact, I would go as far as to say the subject is avoided purposefully. How ignorant is it that there are Americans who think they have some type of strangle hold on patriotism simply because of what political side they claim.


You're kidding.

And George W. is an intelligent conservative? He's possibly one of the least intelligent people to hold public office, and he demonstrates that every day.

But yes, it must be that all liberals are idiots, and all the smart people have obviously realized the light in conservatism.

Honestly SteveO, another shit article that isn't well thought out and does not make intelligent points. Good job. I expect nothing less from you.


Uh, Irish, I love you bro, and I've seen you post some damn good ideas on this board, but that post made as little sense as the Dubyah trying to pronounce Abu Grahib.

Why did you quote me, and then talk about SteveO? And why do you assume I called George W. intelligent? I clearly stated that he was a "godamned retard."


Yea sorry Dan.

I meant to quote the original post.

I was infuriated that Tony Soprano got shot last night...threw my whole night off!

It was directed toward SteveO



Nice that you mention liberal propaganda when your entire post is a mischaractering load of propaganda itself.

The last two elections have been extremely close. If you get past the crowing, it shows the country is pretty much split down the middle.

Most people who aren't clueless realize this.


why would you support ANYONE without question?

it's a very good idea to question ALL politicians and governments and hold them accountable for any wrong doings...


Irish, at least I can express myself without resorting to personal insults and four-letter words. You really need to expand your vocabulary -- as well as your mind............

....that is when you take time off from hating your country and blaming the U.S. first.


Oh, I am soooooo hurt!

Liberal tactics to the tee. When you have nothing to say, attack the other person's intelligence and character, while at the same time expressing no intelligent ideas of your own.

Hmmm.....Kennedy, Kerry, Edwards,Sheehan,.....Fighting Irish....



Perhaps you really should stick to Canadian politics. Pookie tells me that you libs win there all the time.

As for our "close" elections, you must realize that the popular vote as well as the electoral vote makes it seem close, but consider these facts:

(1) Electoral vote was close because clearly the liberals reside mostly in the large coastal states with huge population centers. Since the number of votes in the electoral college a state has is based on its population, of course the vote was close.

(2) The popular vote has nothing to do with winning Presidential elections. Also, the last election was not that close.

(3) **This is the major point: Look at the county wide voting maps. This shows the breakdown of the vote in the U.S. by county -- you know where the people live.

What you see here is that the vast majority of the counties in the U.S. were "red" -- i.e. went to the Republicans. Of course you had large counties on both coasts that were blue, and some in the northern midwest, but basically everything else was "red."

Therefore, while the election looks close, it was not really that close. That being said, there is an old adage which says, "close, but no cigar."


I meant that my support for Israel is without question -- my support.

While I may not agree with everything a country does (including my own) my support for my country is without question and my support for the nation of Israel is without question.

That is good old fashioned patriotism, something that I think is totally lacking with the young people (under 35 crowd) today.

God bless the USA!

Now that is a campaign slogan that would win!!!!


even if a democrate used it?


so, how exactly do you support Israel? do you think good israel thoughts, or do you dig so deep as to save up for a bumper sticker?

as far as I can tell, all I can deduce when I hear "support our troops" is that we should think good thoughts about them , buy yellow ribbons, and support george bush. that is the wishy-washiest, flimiest definition of patriotism, which only a scoundrel could hide behind. My definition of "support", is, uh, I don't know, a bit more substantial than just airing your opinions on an electronic bulletine board. To truly say you support something, you better start with deeds, not words.