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So Many Cycles...


im M / 38 5-4 130 pds 12%bodyfat very athletic ive torn ligements and stuff i am going to start a cycle there are so many and so many ways to take them im interested in gaining 15-20 pds

i have a freind on dbol-equipose and deca then to clomid

im interested in taking dbol w/ sus250 and equipose or dbol,sus250w/deca fin w/clomid the other big ? the dosage im only 5-4 130pds so i dont want a 250pd dose say 25mg a day of dbol 500mg a week of sus 200mg of eqp.ive read so much and now im confused HELP PLEASE!


Read more and EAT more. From the sounds of it you are nowhere near your natural limit. At 130 pounds I would have never considered juicing. If you eat properly and alot you should be able to gain alot more weight. People like you give steroids a terrible name.


what happened to being clear about what on earth are you trying to say......goodness me.....



if it was me, i'd use deca300, sus250, and deca (deca and equipose are very similiar structarly so don't run them together). i did a cycle of mex gear an dused 300 mg deca, and 200mg test enth a week and 25mg of dbol a day. for three weeks in the middle of the cycle i doubled the doses. i gained over 30lbs! i did hcg and clomid and i kept about 90% of my gains... i was very happy with the results.


if you've torn ligament(s), and are only 130 lbs at 12%, you should not use AAS. and the dose you stated....well that's an intermediate dose, not beginnner. you gotta be kiddin me guy.....

If you don't read the beginner thread and ask stupid questions, don't be offended when people rip you apart


btw, deca and EQ are not similar...they are both generally considered more anabolic than androgenic, but they are not similar in how they work chemically...where did you hear that?


it was an article by bill roberts or bill philips... not sure but it said they are similiar. it was in regaurds to running them together. they are not alike, but similar. they are both class I.


i would really like to see that article.....chemically speaking, i think those two compounds are quite different. if you find that article, please post it 'cuz i really like to read that info...