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So Long As Its In?


Just pinned my prop, first cycle ever. I was going to do both delts but ended up pinning below the delts- like the spot for side delts, then all the way down beside the triceps, aspirated and pinned without a problem though hands were shivering lol. Am i right to assume that so long as the prop gets in, didnt hit a nerve, didnt inject into a vein i'm safe and good to go?

ps. frontloaded the prop at 250mg tday, eod injects will be at 125.



Good work. Your description is a little confusing, but it sounds like it went fine (you did ultimately pin the muscle, right?). As long as the gear is quality stuff, there won't be any problems.


Pinning anywhere you can stick a needle is not a good idea.

There is the possibility of injecting inbetween muscles, in the fascia I guess. That would not be good.

There are limited sites approved for intramuscular injections. Stick to those. Nurses use certain places for a reason and unless you are very experienced and need over 8 injecting sites it's safest and easiest to stick to the basics.


What? One does not pin willy nilly. "Hey its all meat right?" Middle of front and side delt heads.

Damn skippy


Yes sirs, thank you for your input! thanks whotookmyname yes ive been scared of needles all my life but i stuffed a towel into my mouth and manned up LOL. bonez i will stick to the sites approved for IM for my other injects from today onwards. On a side note, both my triceps are sore like hell today, sounds like it should be good, i'm all pumped for this!



Injecting the fascia around the muscle- that's like getting a camel through the eye of a needle :wink:

-but point taken


Yes, I figured it was needlephobia. You'd probably have an easier time with glutes and quads. Delt shots aren't difficult, but it can take a bit of practice figuring out how to arrange yourself... ie. perhaps rest your arm on something so that you can pin and aspirate smoothly without feeling like you need a third hand.


Yea, I wasn't sure if that was the correct way to word it. But what I meant was that if you don't inject the right spots theres a chance the needle wont go in deep enough. Ive felt oil going down the side of my leg towards my knee after not injecting deep enough into my quad. Very strange feeling.