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So I've Been Called a Libertarian


Can anybody please explain to me what that means in a Website dedicated to Muscles and Strength?

I am totally confuzzled.

what comments would one have to make that would cause one to be tagged as a Libertarian?

srsly, I am sooo non-political it's funny.

pls help?

btw...pic not related


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Libertarian may refer to:

A proponent of Libertarianism, a political philosophy that upholds individual liberty, especially freedom of expression and action.

sounds like the 1st amendment.

how is that bad?



It means that you want children to work in mines, to see traditional marriage destroyed and mandatory drug use from 14 years onward.

For details, see Sloth and Thunderbolts posts.


wow.....that don't sound like me at all.....

srsly. Not at all~


I proudly defended your honor and informed your insulted that, no, that couldn't be so because you've been out of junior high for some time.


No srsly.

Unless Joe Biden personally micromanages every single aspect of your life, including your choice of toothbrushes, we will go back to the Dark Ages, including pagan rituals and human sacrifices.

The only reason why a libertarian would not sacrifice virgins is because there would not be any left when they reach adolescence.

They are a despiccable bunch and they hide behind codewords like "freedom", "personal responsibility" or "how the fuck is that any of your business !?!".

Do not be fooled citizen, there are two perfectly reasonable parties to choose from, you do not even have to spend your own money, they will gladly do it for you.



A libertarian is someone who believe in the Market Leprechaun, the austrian version of the Tooth Fairy.

if you believe in the traditionnal tooth fairy, you can consider yourself immunized.


No, please elaborate, he should also know that he will revert to being little more than an animal unless he willingly sacrifices at least half his income to Mother Russ.., the Fatherl.., ah, the most moral nation to ever grace this planet, the American Hegemony.

Who knows, he might even lose the power of speech?


so, if I refuted the comment that the French revolution was a success, and mentioned that they had just exchanged one form of tyranny for another, how does that make me a Libertarian?

If I had outlined the fact that people universally desire to be lorded over by an oppressive government, does that make me a libertarian?

srsly......this is fucking with my head.

link to thread in question.



you guys are losing me...dumb this down a little for us simple folk.


that doesn't make you a libertarian.
but if you think we need another revolution, a more radical one, to actually get rid of tyranny, it could make you a leftist.

that doesn't make you a libertarian, unless you believe that a "truly free-market" could change that fact.

my guess is you just think people are weak sheeps.
which (associated with a nordic avatar picture) would make you a nietzschean cynic.


I am not sure why but I sense a little disingenuousness you part. I don't mean it in a good or bad way I just feel there is a "right" answer, or you are looking for someone to say something about you. I am not sure, I just get that vibe.
I hope this doesn't come across dick-headed as it kinda sounds like I am, but I really don't mean it that way.

Sooo, in light of that, can you provide a little context as to what circumstance led people to call you a libertarian? It's not a wordy-derd. BTW.


shit. I gotta start another thread to get help figuring this out.



so, i guessed right : Odin is cool and people are weak sheeps ?


Sure...follow this thread and you'll see what I mean.

Like I said, I'm not sure what led up to this comment, and am not political so I am confused.

this is the thread that got me all confused. Please let me know if my remarks were off base.



I think people are intelligent, thoughtful and capable people, especially these days with our education system giving the people all the opportunities to thrive.

I don't think people are sheeps, individually, but you have to admit that in a group there is a tenancy for the group to seek out a leader and follow said leader?

am I off base on this?


It doesn't and that person has no idea what they are talking about. In fact, the truth would be closer to the opposite.


It was this line that did it.

"however true this is, it was the people who chose to have the monarchy and chose to be lorded over. Even in the US, tell me that the presidency is as it was once conceived, and not a new form of Kingship PUT IN PLACE by the people in order that we can be Lorded over."

Because of this very forum, people who open up with things like this immediately make me roll my eyes, especially the line about the President being a new king - when in fact, that is NOT how it was conceived, and our country doesn't function like that at this point. And also - the people of France were born into that system, as the people of America were born into the English one, and had to violently break free. The paths they took from there are not so similar, but the initial struggle and the ideals that drove them both absolutely were.

Edgy, for some reason I thought you were one of the lunatic fringe that regularly posts on this forum, hence my reactionary reply when you came onto that thread. For that I am sorry. My mistake.


No, he rapidly approaches an elected dictator. That is indeed not very kingly.

Also, whereas the American revolution was heavily influenced by Locke, common law and a general distrust for authority, as is to be expected from smugglers, slaveholders and and general misfits, the French revolution was heavily influenced by Rouseaus idea of the souvereignty of the people who, in a mystical moment, joined their minds and created THE NATION (read as in THE BORG, resistance is futile) which could do no wrong, given that it was the embodiment of the peoples will.

Unfortunately, the French had no sufficient supply of smugglers, slaveholders and assorted ilk who would have laughed at the absurdity of all this but learned lawyers who were above, lets say, libertarian leaning ideals, so obviously a few massacres were in order.