So, It's a Been a Few Years...

My last cycle was about 3 years ago. I recently decided to start planning a new cycle to start in the near future. My “guy” who has never steared me wrong in the past asked if I want 50mg Anavar tabs when I mentioned Anavar. Anybody heard of this? I’ve never seen it greater than 10mg per tab?

I have 50mg capsules of oxandrolone capsulated in a US pharmacy. I take 2 of them per day, 9 hours apart when I use oxandrolone in a cycle. Its certainly a high dose, but not out of the question.

Although I have never seen tabs, only my capsules, in that high of a dose.

I see 50mg var caps every now and then. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in 50mg tabs, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there…

well its certainly UGL stuff but that doesnt mean its bad, or good really. Just depends on if you trust the guy or not. And if he trusts where he’s getting his stuff from.

Actually, I may have assumed the tab part, it very well could have been caps, I’ll check on that. I have always loved, and responded well to Anavar, and that was on 40mg/ed.