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So It Seems I'm a Snob


Hi there,

Yesterday I went to town with some friends to grab a drink when I saw a young couple with a little dog (6 months old or something). When we passed by, the dog was not listening to it's owners. Suddenly the guy grabbed the dog and handled it in a rough manner.

The animal friend in me forced me to say something about it, so I said he shouldn't do that.

I was shocked to see the damn tree hugger (he could fit in me twice easily) going at me, calling me a snob and that I should mind my fucking business. Even his girlfriend starting going berserk at me...

I didn't react to their insulting and after giving him the look, I just turned and walked away.

Sure, it's the smartest thing to do. I didn't want to risk a criminal record over such a silly fight.

But still, it's eating at my ego. Apparently weighing 230lbs of solid muscle does not hold anyone back. The thing is, when I see a buffed guy, not a hair on my head would think about bad mouthing him.

So there you have it: defending animal rights is for snobs!


Tell me more about the part about him "fitting" inside you...


Well at least you said something :slightly_smiling: That's not being snob at all, lol.

And nah, big guys ain't that scary these days, ehehe.

Today at my gym, there was this small guy (about 5'2) having a go at that massive bodybuilder (about 6').

Apparently, Smallguy jumped on the Hyperextension machine that BBguy was using in between supersets. BBG asked SG kindly if they could just work together but SG went on the defensive and lashed at him with verbal diarrhoea, spurting things like 'I ain't scared of you! Don't think that because you're on steroids you can mess with me...you think you can bully me? I can kick your ass! C'mon, bring it on...' lol.

It was quite funny to see that small, slender guy making so much noise while BBG kept his cool. But you could see from his red face that he was dying to smack the small guy's mouth. The staff even had to restrain SG and escort him out of the gym so he could calm down, haha!


So the ecto was the one getting the "roid rage" lol


What gives you the right to tell someone else how to discipline their dog?

It is a little arrogant to just put yourself in a position of authority over another persons property.

I would have followed you around and corrected everything I percievd as wrong to see how you like it.....

What does being big have to do with anything? Lol

If that guy had stuck a blade in your ribs you would have gone down just the same as if you had no muscle at

having muscle doesn't mean you can fight or are any tougher than someone who has none. That dude could have been a great wrestler and suplexed you all over the street.


Its just a damn dog, he just grabbed him roughly not like he kicked the puppy. Remember South Koreans eat dogs. Its not worth a damn fight. If it was a kid then maybe.


that doesnt make you a snob.



I'm curious as to what species of "animal friend" was already in him at the time of the incident.

OP, you were out of line and shouldn't be surprised by the reaction you encountered. It's funny to me that you got pissed about him being rough with his dog, while at the same time the only problem you have with trying to beat his ass is that you might get into trouble. That's hypocritical. Size might help you get away with being a tool, but it doesn't entitle you to act that way.

  1. There is a time and place for such interventions. It doesn't sound like the tree hugger was doing anything cruel or inhumane. he just did something you didn't like, so you got in the middle of it.

  2. You sound more irked that you didn't have the tree hugger completely buffaloed by your "230lbs of solid muscle" than by your inability to correct the tree hugger's interaction with his dog. And how are you "230lbs of solid muscle"? Do you weigh 350lbs? Were you born without skeleton or organs? Maybe that is why the tree hugger was unafraid of you.


damn, seems like there's an awful lot of manlets running around


Don't mention that word, that window licker might show up.


My dog is a head case. Sometimes I have to remind him who is in charge.

People that pamper their dogs would probably be upset by what I HAVE to do to keep my dog behaving in the manner he is and should be.

So in short, I would have told you to go fuck yourself too.




QFT again.

Dogs are not people. People need to stop treating them as such. OP and all 230lbs of solid muscle of him, needs to mind his business.


The thing is even though it may seem counter-intuitive is dogs don't respond well to punishment, especially physical.
They simply will learn faster when proper behavior is rewarded.


Beating a dog and being a master are two very very different things.

I control my dog.

Sometimes that requires me to use my hands, feet, leash & collar to do so.

Also, most pet owners lack the patience to properly use the reward system, IMHO.


You sound like an idiot.


Who are you referring too?




Well in that case, he is uninformed. And if the apex of his argument is "U R A IDIOT DERPA DERP", well that says a lot.

I didn't get it not too long ago either. Trust me. But talking to BG over PM, and actually training a 90lbs dog that people FEAR, and damn it if suddenly all the arm chair experts start too look like fools.

And if you people think I mean I'm kicking and punching my pup when I say use my hand and feet, it says more about your mentality than mine. I've never kicked or punched this dog one time, and can sit him in any situation.

A mutt, that not 16 months ago would show teeth around food, now will sit, and calmly watch a chunk of cheese on the other side of the room, until I release him and allow him to eat it. I know what I've done with this animal works, he is happier and healthier for it. While he is my companion, and I love him third to my wife and son, he is an animal, and prefers to be treated like one. He wants a strong leader, so we give it to him.

That Dog whisperer guy uses his hands, his feet, physically sits and lays dogs down all the time. He uses a chocking tie on his leash almost exclusively... I suppose he is an idiot too?