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So Im guessing every supplement out there is bullshit?

[quote]ericbyrnesjr wrote:
TheBig3 wrote:
Ive read over 30 threads saying that creatine, No xplode and other supplements are BS and arent worth the money. Is this true? What are some good supplements? Theres so many articles supporting and bashing them, that I cant decide whether or not to take them. Im not looking for a shortcut, but assistance.

creatine is fine, but no xplode is a waste. there was a thread about the lawsuit against their company for ingredient fraud (or the equivalent…i don’t know the correct term).[/quote]

Ya, I saw that thread but I didnt really look at it.

I think you should have hit reply, but regardless, who read that creatine is useless?
Yes, BSN’s brand was taken to court over false label claims.

But, that’s a lot different than saying creatine is useless.